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English Teaching Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship 2024

You no longer need to have a good understanding of the English language to apply for this process in Japan, you just want to be aware. So matriculation, intermediate, bachelor, master, instructor, and undergraduate students who have basic knowledge of the English language can follow teaching English in Japan with Visa Sponsorship.

The benefits which include Visa Sponsorship, Relocation Support, Housing Facility, and return flight are what you will relish when you complete the settlement. By studying this offer, you will see how you can practice teaching English Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship.

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Job Details

  • Country: Japan
  • Job Title: English Teaching
  • Experience: Few Years
  • Education: Master’s or Bachelor’s in English
  • Relocation: Yes
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes

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  • Salary: ¥300,000 / month
  • Your understanding of the Japanese level is not always important
  • Foreign applicants are allowed
  • Visa sponsorship
  • The vacation is already paid for
  • Transportation is covered up to ¥20,000 per month
  • Return flight after completion of a preliminary 2-year contract


  • Being a local English speaker 
  • Learning Japanese for general communication
  • Demonstrate a track record of success working in positions of responsibility, preferably in a classroom or teaching environment.
  • Have expert knowledge of Japanese corporate standards and procedures and be willing to work within them.


  • Create lesson plans
  • Solving crises in the study hall
  • Evaluation and classification of submitted students
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Facilitate discussions about assignments
  • Preparation of teaching materials
  • Teach approximately different literary patterns
  • Grammar
  • Assign student’s books to read


The salary of an English teacher in Japan is between 200,000 to 600,000 Yen per month.

Types of English Teaching Jobs in Japan

Whether you have simply graduated or are a certified coach, there are several opportunities in Japan to consolidate your coaching job. If you are interested in teaching English in Japan, don’t miss out because English teachers are in high demand! ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) job coaching in Japanese public faculty gadget

  • Teaching work in private language institutes (also known as English Communique Colleges or Eikaiwas)
  • Summer English Learning Program in Japan
  • Learn English for Japanese college students online from anywhere internationally
  • The work of public school teachers in Japan
  • Teach children English
  • Teaching English at international schools

Private English Teaching

International faculties in Japan often hire foreign instructors domestically to provide university students with a truly international experience. These jobs are hardly available to brand-new expats, making them another aspiration for long-time English teachers with brilliant resumes.

 Another threat to success, candidates are higher than obtaining official English teaching certificates such as CELTA or TESOL. Of course, those with a teaching degree will have further expanded prospects for activities.

Teaching at Schools

Many of these jobs are based solely on kindergartens, which can be quite easy to find out for expats to understand. However, the most reputable international schools require adequate entertainment, relevant qualifications, and excellent references. This makes it easier to get such jobs for a person who is already a trainer of their home.

Teaching English in Japanese universities

Requirements: native English, bachelor’s degree.

Teaching English in universities in Japan, which offers smooth paintings in top places, is one of the quality jobs for English teachers in Japan.

In general, you will likely be employed through a dispatch employer. Dispatch organizations offer university teacher jobs to the organization’s nicest and most experienced instructors. However, with proper networking, you can always get a job straight out of college.

Online tutoring

Requirements: native English.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the call for international online English tutoring has become insatiable. Best of all, this quest is available in Japan and your home. with the best requirements being a computer, a microphone, and a solid internet connection.

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How to Apply For English Teacher Jobs in Japan?

Before you get to Japan, you’ll want to secure employment. Follow these steps for easy application.

  • First, you need to visit this site:
  • Second, if you are not a Japanese citizen, you must click on “Visa Offered”
  • Under Visa Offered, all assignments may be open in Japan for international applicants that could be undertaken under the Visa Sponsorship program.
  • Then use the filter to select the job category “Education, Teaching, Training”.
  • Once you get the job offer, they will help you with all the visa approaches to travel to Japan. Isn’t that easy? The application has become simple.

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