Visa Sponsorship Jobs

H2B Visa Sponsorship Jobs in USA

H2B Visa Sponsorship Jobs in USA

The H2B visa application allows US employers to employ foreign workers in positions (unskilled labor) where they cannot find suitable workers nearby. We specialize in recruiting workers in the hospitality industry: servers, assistant servers, restaurant hostesses, cooks, housekeepers, and receptionists. Jobs are always seasonal (8-10 months). Winter season is from October to May (often in Florida), summer time from May to June to October, and rarely from April to December to January.

H2B Visa Program Details:

  • 100% legal, declared employment with various “Social Security”.
  • All fees are protected using the organization: return to the price tag, only the visa rate ($190) needs to be paid earlier through the employee, but this amount is also returned upon arrival in America
  • The visa is granted based on an employment contract provided through the company but can be extended for up to several years.
  • Once you finish the season, we can enable you to find another H2B organization
  • There is no extra hidden cost, no brokerage or posting fees

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Salary Expectations

Salary: Prevailing salary $11-20/hour gross (depends on employers/positions, systems), overtime 150%, income paid bi-weekly.

Working hours: guaranteed a minimum of 35 hours by the week, time beyond the scope of the regulations can be monitored due to business wishes

Accommodation: It is available in incredible conditions, meals based on the organization’s commitment are provided in all cases, fees depend on the location/neighborhood, but can also vary from 250-700 USD depending on the month, deducted from the income.

Types of Jobs

  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Landscaping and Lawn Care
  • Construction and Skilled Trades
  • Forestry and Conservation
  • Theme Parks and Entertainment
  • Seafood and Fishing Industry
  • Agricultural Support Services
  • Retail and Customer Service
  • Event Management and Hospitality
  • Ski Resorts and Winter Recreation

Benefits for Employers

The H-2B visa program delivers several benefits for employers.

  • It provides a remedy in this regard since it can be used to plug this gap during high seasons by maximizing operations and acknowledging all the business opportunities that cannot be shelved due to workforce shortages.
  • Immigrant workers who are hired through the program effectively add foreign expertise and skills to fill supply gaps that may be in short supply among local workers.
  • Furthermore, the utilization of workers on an H-2B visa is a factor that can be contributing to the diversity and cultural richness of the environment at work.
  • Communicating with people of various origins creates an atmosphere that is not only inclusive but enriched by the diversity of the workers, resulting in both creativity being enhanced as well as problem-solving capabilities.

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Requirements for H-2B Visa Sponsorship Jobs:

Job Offer: Employers present a legitimate job offer with a limited duration in a non-agriculture field, staying in the US.

Labor Certification: U.S. employers must apply to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) for temporary labor certification, presenting evidence that native U.S. employees are not qualified to do this job and that recruiting foreign workers will not cause the wages and employment conditions of domestic United States people performing similar work to deteriorate.

Employer Sponsorship: To request permissions for a nonimmigrant candidate, the employers must file Form I-129 with the Department of Homeland Security on behalf of the candidate.

Temporary Need: The employers should indicate that the job opportunity is short-term, that is only once established, a seasonal requirement, a peak time, or an additional workload.

Valid Passport: To become employed in the “USA”, one has to hold a passport valid while in the United States.

Health Insurance: By giving out health insurance to all the H-2B workers, employers must comply with the minimum ACA requirements that are set within the Affordable Care Act.

Adherence to Wage Requirements: Employers should pay the minimum wage for the occupation and location of H-2B workers. Therefore, employers should ensure the minimum wage amount for the occupation and location that H-2B workers receive.

How to Apply for H2b Visa Sponsorship Jobs in USA?

You can apply for the H2b visa jobs according to your skills and expertise. As there are a lot of opportunities given to foreigners why not try for these jobs? It opens up a great way to explore various jobs and make a good career.

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