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HGV Truck Driver Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024

HGV Truck Driver Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Trying to find UK work as an experienced HGV driver? With the request for talented drivers taking off, UK companies presently offer visa sponsorships to pull in worldwide talent. The UK has been confronting a noteworthy deficiency of HGV drivers, which has affected supply chains and logistics.

Numerous companies are advertising visa sponsorship to draw in qualified drivers from overseas to address this. On the off chance that you’re an HGV driver looking for modern opportunities, this work post will direct you through the method of finding and securing visa-sponsored work within the UK.

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Visa sponsorship empowers UK bosses to enroll outside laborers for positions not filled locally. For HGV drivers, this regularly involves securing a Talented Laborer visa, substantial for up to five a long time and extendable.

Several factors like Brexit, COVID-19 widespread, and a maturing workforce have declined the HGV driver deficiency within the UK. Subsequently, numerous companies are presently supporting visas for qualified outside drivers to address this gap.

Details of HGV Truck Driver Jobs in UK

JobHGV Truck Driver
EducationHigh School Diploma
Experience3-4 Years
Visa SponsorshipYes

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Top Companies Advertising HGV Driver Sponsorship

Several UK companies are effectively looking for HGV drivers and advertising visa sponsorship, including:

  • Tesco, one of the biggest general store chains in the UK, as often as possible initiates HGV drivers to preserve its extensive supply chain.
  • DHL, a worldwide coordination company, offers various openings for HGV drivers, with visa sponsorship accessible for qualified candidates.
  • Wincanton could be a driving supply chain arrangements supplier within the UK, routinely contracting HGV drivers for different coordination roles.
  • Eddie Stobart could be a noticeable coordination company known for its armada of trucks and visitation of HGV drivers.
  • XPO Coordinations is another major player within the coordination industry, advertising visa sponsorship for experienced HGV drivers.

Skills and qualifications

An effective Lorry Driver candidate will have certain prerequisite aptitudes and capabilities. They require the fitting driving capabilities to function overwhelming products vehicles and a run of authoritative and coordination aptitudes that regularly include:

  • Ability to drive long separations in cramped conditions while keeping up concentration
  • Ability to drive through the night or spend long periods absent from home
  • Mechanical aptitudes, such as changing the motor oil
  • Ability to communicate with both providers and clients and give up-to-date data, such as conveyance times
  • A full UK driving permit, in a perfect world with zero points
  • Certificate of Proficient Competence (CPC) for driving
  • HGV (Overwhelming Merchandise Vehicle) Permit, covering Category C1 and Category C vehicles
  • Must be over 18 a long time of age with the capacity to lift 20 kilograms
  • You must hold a substantial HGV permit from your domestic country.
  • An affirmed work offer from a UK manager who is willing to support your visa.
  • Demonstrable capability in English, ordinarily through an affirmed test.
  • Pass well-being and foundation checks.

Duties and responsibilities

A Lorry Driver is dependable for the products they are doled out to transport. They are mindful of keeping to a schedule and guaranteeing that the products are conveyed intaglio, without harm, and as asked by the client. A Lorry Driver’s fundamental obligations and duties include:

  • Ensuring vehicles are mechanically sound and legitimately roadworthy
  • Performing essential repairs and upkeep within the occasion of mishap or breakdown whereas in transit
  • Safely securing overwhelming loads and huge merchandise for transport
  • Organizing the foremost effective course from pickup point to drop off point
  • Keeping educated about street closures, accidents, and activity diversions
  • Organizing different drop-offs and conveyances each working day
  • Supervising and helping with the stacking and emptying of conveyances into the lorry
  • Updating vehicle log books, recording conveyances, and following mileage
  • Complying with all MOT and in-house controls and rules
  • Operating commercial vehicles up to and over 7.5 tons, counting unbending trucks, verbalized lorries, tankers, transporters, and trailer wagons
  • Driving long or brief distances
  • Planning conveyance plans and courses with transport managers
  • Supervising or making a difference in stacking and unload goods
  • Lifting and carrying goods
  • Making beyond doubt loads are safely secured
  • Following activity reports and adjusting courses in case necessary
  • Completing conveyance paperwork
  • Keeping up-to-date logbooks
  • Carrying out fundamental schedule support, such as oil, tire, and brake checks
  • Working from a vehicle and driving long separations in a cramped space
  • Spending evenings absent from domestic amid long pull deliveries.

Earnings and Work Benefits

Truck driving within the UK is a profitable career. Pay rates shift based on involvement and industry segment, ordinarily extending from £25,000 to £40,000 per year. Drivers moreover appreciate benefits like well-being protections, benefits plans, and overtime pay.

Truck driver occupations within the UK with visa sponsorship display an excellent opportunity for outsiders looking for a steady and fulfilling career. With competitive pay rates, a chance to travel, and the bolster of a well-structured industry, this career path is an enticing option for talented drivers looking to set themselves up in the UK.

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How to Apply for HGV Driver Jobs

To apply for HGV driver occupations within the UK, follow these steps:

  • Research Bosses: Distinguish companies that support visas for HGV drivers.
  • Submit Applications: Apply straightforwardly through company websites or enrollment agencies.
  • Prepare Records: Accumulate fundamental archives, counting your HGV permit, work offer, and verification of English proficiency.
  • Visa Application: Apply for the Gifted Specialist visa through the UK government’s official website.

Securing an HGV driver work requires a well-prepared application. Guarantee your continued emphasis on important driving encounters, and tailor your cover letter to the particular work and company. Communicate your accessibility and eagerness to migrate.

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