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Housekeeper Jobs in Luxembourg with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Housekeeper Jobs in Luxembourg with Visa Sponsorship 2024

The name Luxembourg may not be very familiar to many people especially those from other parts of the world, nevertheless, it is a small but very rich country located in the European continent with high standards of living, good economic growth, and beautiful scenery.

Luxembourg as an employment destination of choice is an attractive option for many, and one entry point is the housekeeping roles that come with the work visa. Thus, in 2024, it is possible to identify a large number of vacancies for housekeepers in Luxembourg

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Job Details

  • Job Title: Housekeeper
  • Job Location: Luxembourg
  • Employment Type: Full-time

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Job Requirements

  • Related work experience mainly in housekeeping services may be a significant advantage. Job seekers preferred by employers include those who can clean, arrange, and manage houses or buildings for residence or business.
  • Language Skills: As for linguistic aspects, it is important to note that although Luxembourg is indeed a multilingual state, English is highly valued.
  • Physical Stamina: cleaning and washing can be tiring and may require lots of energy so that it can be done effectively. The candidates should have adequate strength to lift objects occasionally and should be in a position to bend for considerable time and also to stand solid for long durations.
  • Attention to Detail: Managers and employers appreciate punctuality and cleanliness of spaces and areas that need to be cleaned meticulously.


  • Competitive Salary: Chores done in Luxembourg homes are better paid than many other countries in terms of the remuneration offered.
  • Visa Sponsorship: On the same note, several employers are willing to offer visa sponsorship and this has made it easy for such candidates seeking an international work permit to work legally in Luxembourg.
  • Health Insurance: Health insurance continues to be a major form of benefit for individuals with employees receiving all-round coverage.
  • Paid Leave: Employees, including housekeepers, must receive days off and public holidays at least in the same count as working days.
  • Accommodation: Some employers may offer their employees free rooms or offer a housing allowance.


  • Organization: Ensuring personal and communal areas are clean and well managed.
  • Maintenance: Informing the maintenance crew about things that need fixing around the premises.
  • Inventory Management: Another important aspect is the management of cleaning materials, and ensuring resupply in case they run out.
  • Guest Services: In hotels or guest houses, housekeepers may also be asked to be responsible for the guests and help them with all they need besides providing a clean, warm, and friendly atmosphere.


Like any other country, the Luxembourg housekeeping job salary depends on several factors that include experience, working place, and employer company. Thus, earnings of the housekeepers can vary within the range of €1,800 – €2,500 per month. Science and improvement to other amenities such as accommodation and transport and even incentives may also be incorporated.

Types of Housekeeping Jobs

Hotel Housekeeper: It is responsible for making sure that the guest rooms and other areas within hotels are clean as well as in good condition.

Commercial Cleaner: Best suited for use in, offices, shopping malls, and in any other commercial building.

Live-in Housekeeper: Stays in the employer’s residence and performs cleaning and other house-related services.

Housekeeping Manager: He/She coordinates and schedules housekeeping personnel and monitors their cleanliness and tidiness standards.

Nanny Housekeeper: Hence, raises her hand in both childcare and housekeeping work.

Part-time Housekeeper: Get paid less than full-time employees but work fewer hours in the week making it suitable for anyone who wishes to work and the right schedule.

Executive Housekeeper: In high-end buildings such as newer constructed buildings and complexes, it operates as a cleaning and maintenance company.

Event Housekeeper: Particular in the cleaning of premises before and during events, functions, ceremonies, etc.

Eco-friendly Housekeeper: Uses environmentally friendly to clean the products and environment all around to enhance cleanliness

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Application Process

Research: To ensure a smooth process, start by researching likely employers and jobs online. Some of the best places to find such vacancies are on centralized websites such as Indeed, and Glassdoor, and search results from local job boards in Luxembourg.

Prepare Your CV: Get a professional CV with an emphasis on experience, level of skill, and academic achievements. Employers should if possible deposit their references from previous employers.

Apply Online: One way to apply is to search for the company’s website and submit your application in the careers section. Make sure to go through the application guidelines to adhere to and accompany your full submissions. Apply Now

Interview: If your application successfully meets the shortlisting criteria, you may be contacted for an interview. This could be a face-to-face interview, the interview done through phone call, or the interview done through video call.

Job Offer: In the case of a win, the compensation details inclusive of the working conditions, remuneration structure, and other benefits will be stated in the offer letter received. 

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