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Jobs in Canada for Filipinos with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Jobs in Canada for Filipinos with Visa Sponsorship 2024

For highly skilled Filipinos, working in Canada does not only entail beauty but also a welcoming culture. The immigration system of the country is liberal enough because it understands the significance of international workers for the growing economy. This transparency in turn stimulates a demand for certain skills and jobs thereby enabling Filipinos to prosper and enjoy a better life.

Visa-sponsored jobs provide employment but moreover. It gives access to stability, work rights, and permanent residence. It is amazing to imagine living in a lively community that respects your talents and praises your efforts. This article explains Filipino Jobs in Canada with a Sponsored Visa 2024-25 including how to apply, available jobs, job details, important links, and career expert advice.

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Job Details

  • Country: Canada
  • Job Position: Various industries
  • Relocation: Yes
  • Accommodation: Maybe
  • Experience: 2 years

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Types of Jobs For Filipinos in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Here are the different jobs offered to Filipinos:


Canada’s aging population demands always services of qualified healthcare professionals. Filipinos with nursing, physiotherapy, and medical technology degrees are highly desirable.

IT & Technology:

The digital revolution will raise the need for software developers, cybersecurity specialists, and data analytics personnel. Filipino IT workers enjoy many advantages in the sector, giving them an edge in the job market, especially in Canada.

Trades and Manufacturing:

Canada’s manufacturing and infrastructure industries need skilled Labour. Experienced electricians, plumbers, welders, and machinists will profit from better job prospects.

Hospitality and tourist:

Canada’s booming tourism industry accommodates Filipino hotel managers, cooks, and travel agents among others. Known Filipino skills in hospitality make them welcome in many areas.

Agriculture and Food Processing:

Canada’s agricultural terrain and burgeoning food processing industry inevitably need qualified staff.

Visa-Sponsored jobs:

 The road to Canada might seem to be full of obstacles. However, there are many tools available to achieve your dream job. Some crucial steps:

Visit dedicated sites:

Sponsored by Visa, jobs are advertised on Workopolis, Canada Visa, and Job Bank Canada. Such programs impart skill-based immigration routes. Find a program best suited to your skills and province.


  • Education requirements or training could largely vary across the jobs and positions. Oftentimes, some occupations require that the job applicant must communicate in English that is understandable, such as when the applicant must deal with clients or other workers.
  • Relevant work experience will be usually sought but from applicant to applicant and from employer to employer there are some differences.
  • Only employers that can prove that they have tried out Canadians can hire foreign workers. The Government of Canada must prepare the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for this. By doing so, we guarantee no harm will be caused to the Canadian Labour market by employing a foreign employee. Upon the LMIA approval, an employer can sponsor the worker to be admitted to work.
  • As far as requirements for a candidate`s passport are concerned, he/she should also be ready to provide other documents that may be necessary for the type of visa or job.


  •  Canada’s publicly funded healthcare is funded by the government, and it is the first place to visit for treatment and other medical procedures by many immigrants and residents.
  • Canada has diverse social programs in terms of social services and benefits, such as unemployment insurance, child benefits, and retirement pension schemes.
  • Canada offers the residents knowledge by education and the education system is free to the point of schooling for children.
  • Many employers in Canada emphasize the work-life balance and provide various facilities including paid vacation time, parental leave, and flexible work programs.


  • Responsibilities differ with work and industry roles. Health workers, engineers, technologists, teachers, and hotel, restaurant, and café owners form a group of predominant Filipino occupations in Canada.
  • Healthcare professionals may have different roles, they may be doctors, nurses, social workers, and others. They often work in collaboration with each other.
  • Information system specialists can create software, keep information systems operational, and be responsible for providing technical assistance.
  • Engineers take part in the realization, creation, or service of infrastructure and systems.
  • The representatives of the hospitality sector range from those of customer service to food preparation and handling of accommodations.


Salaries in Canada vary widely depending on elements that include task area, business, stage of experience, and agency. Healthcare professionals, IT specialists, and engineers commonly earn higher salaries compared to other occupations. According to the Government of Canada’s Job Bank, the average annual income in Canada is around CAD 60,000, although this will be significantly better or lower depending on the unique activity and surroundings.

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Application Process

Overall, jobs in Canada provide Filipinos with an opportunity for career growth, economic balance, and a high lifestyle. With the right qualifications and visa sponsorship, Filipinos in Canada can find rewarding job opportunities in a variety of industries.

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