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Light Duty Cleaner Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Light Duty Cleaner Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Within the timespan of recent years, Canada has made a smooth transition to a highly desirable country for job seekers who want a better standard of living. One of the many job opportunities in the cleaning sector is to assume the role of light-duty cleaner. This occupational category can allow one to get started in the cleaning industry as a beginner or to advance in their chosen career path.

This is a unique feature as students in these positions may be given visa sponsorship on top of the other advantages. Consequently, such opportunities become very attractive to international applicants. In this blog, we’ll go through the requirements and choices, advantages, salary, job examples, and responsibilities of light-duty candidates in Canada.

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Job Details

  • Job title: Light-duty cleaner
  • Accommodation: Yes
  • Age Limit: Above 18
  • Education: Diploma

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Among the critical things to consider before connecting with a Light Duty Cleaner job in Canada is the regular requirements that the employers have in place. While specific qualifications may vary depending on the employer and job role, common requirements for light-duty cleaner positions include:

Legal Eligibility to Work: Candidates will need to have the right of permanent residency in Canada as a citizen, or as a permanent resident, or as an individual based on the work permit available to him/her.

Language Proficiency: Of course, adequate proficiency in the English or French language which are the official languages of the country is mainly required to interact well with the managers, your colleagues, and clients.

Physical Fitness: Office cleaners should be physically fit enough to perform any task that might involve keeping a standing posture for long periods, bending, lifting, and handling cleaning gadgets.

Attention to Detail: Cleaning and hygiene are not left for cleansing and washing jobs. Prospective employees may want to display their ability to discern the details. They should scrutinize spaces and make sure they are clean and in good condition all the time.


Working as a light-duty cleaner in Canada offers several benefits, including:

Stable Employment: Cleaning services are an indispensable sector that guarantees the adequate stature of a cleaning professional. Cleaners are mostly in demand by healthcare institutions, the hospitality industry, and commercial institutions.

Visa Sponsorship: Many employers in Canada are actually in the process of offering vacancies for light-duty cleaner positions to sponsor foreign workers. This move is geared towards making it possible for international applicants to find favorable podiums to relocate.

Career Advancement: The lower-level jobs reflect a good way to move to higher-level ones in this industry, through which people can be good at skill development and career growth.

Work-Life Balance: As the working schedule can be of great importance to the employer, a cleaning person can have a flexible working time that is good for having a suitable work-life balance.

Health and Safety: It has become common for employers to place health and safety at the center of their workspace, offering training, hazard controls, and following marked safety regulations to help workers be healthy.


The salary for cleaner jobs can vary from employer to employer depending on where the job is located in Canada, the employee’s experience and qualifications, and his particular job functions. Based on a general rule, a place-cleaner employee can expect to get paid CAD 15 to 20 Canadian dollars on a per-hour basis around the country of Canada. On the other hand, remunerations in the metropolitan areas with higher living expenses may be the highest.

Types of Jobs:

In general, in welder vocations, one can find a multitude of occupations in different industries. Some common types of jobs include:

  • Commercial Cleaners: 
  • Residential Cleaners: 
  • Hospital Cleaners: 
  • Hotel Housekeepers: Assist in cleaning, maintaining, and making guest rooms, lobbies, corridors, and public spaces of the hotels and resorts more hygienic, modest, and comfortable for the guests.
  • Janitors: Perform multifaceted job duties in schools, colleges, government institutions, etc., in which you are expected to make sure that the students, staff members, and visitors feel safe and comfortable.


Different establishments may have distinctive personified light-duty cleaners whose duties might change, according to the specific role and job description. However, typical duties may include:

  • Cleaning Surfaces
  •  Dusting, wiping
  •  disinfecting surfaces like desks, tables kitchen countertops
  • Cleaning shelves, and bathrooms to remove marks, dust, and germs.

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How to Apply For Light Duty Cleaner Jobs in Canada?

The light duty cleaner jobs in Canada offer promising opportunities for individuals seeking stable employment, visa sponsorship, and a rewarding career in the cleaning industry. With competitive salaries, various job types, and opportunities for advancement, these positions provide a pathway to professional growth and success for both domestic and international applicants.

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