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Car Washer Worker Jobs in Romania 2024 | Apply Now

Car Washer Worker Jobs in Romania 2024 | Apply Now

In the noisy automotive world, every car has to radiate its shiny beauty to be noticed on the roads. Encountered with it all are not only the passengers and the drivers of the vehicles but also workers like car washers, whose contribution is taken as indispensable. C

Car washer jobs include carrying out car washing services in different car washing companies in Romania. This blog will be a perfect guide for anyone who is looking for a career in this field. It will tell you about the job requirements, benefits, duties, salary, various job types, and the application process.

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Job Details

  • Position: Car Washer Worker
  • Location: Various locations in Romania
  • Job Type: Full-time or part-time, depending on the employer

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  • A job of this kind is standing and using one’s hands all the time, thus the applicants need to be healthy and able to be on their feet for a long period.
  • Attention to Detail: A strong focus on details must be present to double-check that every element of the car is in its spotless state.
  • Time Management: Efficiency is the main thing that you need in this job to juggle multiple vehicles in a given time frame.
  • Communication Skills: Basic on-placing skills are an essential prerequisite for appropriate personal communication with customers and colleagues.


  • Stable Employment: As the fleet addition is initiated on the roads, the in-demand number of car washer workers is gradually rising.
  • Flexible Hours: Most car wash facilities provide flexible scheduling, which enables workers to fit their work into their schedules.
  • Skill Development: Under-the-bonnet training emphasizes automotive care and provides customer service skills.
  • Employee Discounts: Some car wash shops afford the option of rebates for their employees who can wash their vehicles at reduced rates.


  • Cleaning and drying vehicles with specific tools and solutions.
  • Carpet vacuuming, interior wiping, doorknobs, handles, cracks, crevices, and filters change, and regular dusting of all the interior surfaces.
  • Wiping down windows, mirrors, and wheels to obtain a mirror-like effect.
  • Vehicles check for any damages and inform the supervisor about them.


Plenty of factors affect the average salary for a car washer job in Romania, e.g.,, experience, location, etc. But the range of wages is somewhere between 2000 and 3000 Lei, based on the members of the community.

Types of Jobs:

Car Wash Attendant: The job of the automatic car washing attendant is to welcome and direct customers through the wash process, besides, the car wash attendant will also be in charge of the payments.

Detailer: It involves more detail and advanced cleaning procedures to renew the look of cars by polishing and waxing.

Wheel Cleaner: The main function the business is dedicated to is polished and cleaned wheels to restore their initial look.

Prep Technician: Pre-washes cars before the actual contact washes by clearing the debris

Quality Inspector: Is the fact that the vehicles are in good shape after the washing process and that there are all the necessary touch-ups made.

Mobile Car Washer: Making travels to customers’ companies and washing their cars directly at the site for busy individuals who lack time is a convenient business type.

Supervisor: The main responsibility will be taking care of the whole car wash group, which involves staff management to make sure that everything flows smoothly.

Franchise Owner: The business of car wash franchise is within the reach of the entrepreneurs as they can invest in it and operate it themselves by managing the staff and business operations.

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Application Process:

Research: Look for job vacancies at your community carwash places through the web-based job portals or by directly sending your resume. Apply Now

Prepare Your Resume: Give importance to your experience or skills that are relevant to the particular role, e.g. previous experience working in a similar field or prior customer service exposure.

Submit Your Application: Fill out the required form with your resume and other submitted documents through the company’s website or in person.

Interview: Should you be chosen, you’ll get an invitation for the interview where you’ll be able to make sure of your qualifications and know more about the position.

Training: As soon as you start working, you will be instructed on how it runs, the equipment you need, and the necessary processes for better results.

Start Working: After the training is over, you will be all set to begin your new life as a car washer in Romania.

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