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Unskilled Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Unskilled Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Finland has been acknowledged to be known as a beautiful country with various job options for unskilled workers. The country is known for its emotionally charged environment, fantastic scenery and social services

Nevertheless, visa sponsorship is the biggest issue for those who are thinking of moving to Finland. Luckily Finland offers many unskilled jobs with a visa sponsorship programme which paves the way for people to be able to see and this way enjoy living in Finland alongside contributing to the local economy.

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Job Details

  • Job Title: Unskilled jobs
  • Country: Finland
  • Job Type: Full Time

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  • Most usually, the employers prefer to hire people who are trustworthy, and responsible as well as put some effort to learn more. 
  • When it comes to specific skills and qualifications some are required while others can be considered a plus.
  • The ability to speak in Finnish or Swedish could be an asset, especially for positions that handle customers or the community. 
  • Furthermore, some roles may require physical fitness or experience in changing manual labor.


  • Healthcare: Finland draws its strengths from a fully developed healthcare system, which allows residents and employees alike to benefit from medical treatments.
  • Social Security: Otherwise known as social security benefits, workers in Finland are eligible for different types of additional benefits; including unemployment allowance, parental leave allowance, and pension provision.
  • Work-Life Balance: The idea of harnessing the competence of employees from the diverse workforce is fully advocated in Finland, where vacation allowance and flexible working time are among the most implemented rules.
  • Career Development: Despite being low-skilled jobs, the candidates can apply for skill advancement in the company through the training they get from the experience they acquire while at the job site and further education.


  • Hospitality: Cleaning, producing food and drinks, meeting customers, and offering space-making experiences, wit, and hospitality in hotels, restaurants, or cafes.
  • Agriculture: Displacing cropland, pastures, grazing lands, and operating machines, as well as repairing farming instruments.
  • Manufacturing: Making products, driving production machinery, checking for product quality, and packaging.
  • Construction: Engaging with constructing projects, having a similar level of physical work, and obeying the security rules.
  • Retail: Delivering goods, serving customers and processing orders, and waxing the floor, among other tasks.
  • Landscaping: Playgrounds, gardens, sidewalks, or planters and planning for maintenance of outdoor facilities, street planting, landscaping, and groundskeeping.
  • Warehouse Work: Piling, arranging, and shoveling goods in the workshops and storage places, as the last example.
  • Caregiving: To provide aid to elderly people and disabled ones, such as personal care, companionship, or help with household tasks.


The unskilled workers’ wages in Finland may differ as it is influenced by such of the industry, place of work, and the employer. Nevertheless, the nationally accepted rate of pay is decided by the outcomes of collective agreements between the trade unions and employers’ associations. In the year 2024, the existing established minimum wage in Finland is running between €10 to €12 per hour, and it is subject to variation according to the person’s age, experience, and the work sector.

Types of Jobs

Housekeeper: Job descriptions may include dusting suites, making beds, vacuuming, and keeping a high standard of cleanliness in the hotel.

Farm Worker: Jobs could be such as planting or removing crops, and the irrigation work on farms is spread all around Finland.

Production Worker: The production line of manufacturing factories will find you trimming, assembly, machine, and QC operations, among other activities.

Construction Laborer: Contribute to construction projects that have systematic demolishing, bringing in soil, and preparing the site in general.

Retail Associate: Being active at the customer service level, stocking shelves, and replenishing products in the stores.

Janitor/Cleaner: Cleaning the designated areas (i.e. – offices, education areas, and public buildings) and sanitizing the same.

Delivery Driver: Shipping out the goods and parcels to the customers or customers’ establishments using their fleets.

Landscaping Assistant: Gardening-based tasks, tending lawns, and landscaping for residential and commercial units will all fall under my area of expertise

Warehouse Worker: Arrange, box, and arrange goods in a storehouse and a distribution center.

Caregiver Assistant: The diverse field of healthcare encompasses a variety of activities, such as assistance in the affairs of the elderly or the disabled, personal care, and company.

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How to Apply For Unskilled Jobs in Finland?

Visa Sponsorship allows unskilled people to find a job in the Finnish market. These positions do not need expensive education or skills; however, they are a channel for people who want to discover and know about Finnish culture, earn their living, and, eventually, build up a career. With the list of benefits to be provided, salaries to be paid, and chances offered for personal and professional advancement, there isn’t a reason for anyone to hesitate to join the unskilled employment in Finland for the sake of exploring one of the most progressive countries in Europe.

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