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Unskilled Jobs in Luxembourg with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Unskilled Jobs in Luxembourg with Visa Sponsorship 2024

There is a lot of chance for unskilled people to find unskilled work in Luxembourg. Such people can try to find work in hotels or restaurants and café. These places tend to employ people with no specific skills or qualifications, including during the season of peak tourism.

Alternatively, one may consider seeking jobs in the construction or manufacturing industry because there is continuous demand for laborers and workers. It is worth mentioning that even if these jobs are not highly skilled or qualified, they require commitment and effort along with the ability to learn.

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Job Details

  • Job Title: Unskilled jobs
  • Country: Luxembourg
  • Job Type: Full-Time/Part-Time

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The eligibility criterion for unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship in Luxembourg includes some particular specifications that the candidates need to have.

  • To begin with, an applicant must have a permanent passport that is not from the European Union. 
  • They should also be 18 years or older and demonstrate good character. Furthermore, they have to prove their capability of providing financial support for them during their time in Luxembourg. 
  • Applicants should at least have an elementary knowledge of the language used in the office (mostly French, German, or Luxembourgish).
  •  Lastly, the applicants should have a health certificate and medical coverage during their stay. 


The unqualified jobs of Luxemburg with visa sponsorship provide many advantages that make them a feasible choice for people in search of employment opportunities. 

  • Let’s start by saying that these positions create opportunities for workers who may not be equipped with the necessary specialized knowledge or years of experience to engage in lucrative ventures abroad. 
  • This is especially beneficial for people who are searching to explore new territories and work abroad. 
  • Visa sponsorship provides another guarantee that the person has a legal right to work and live in Luxembourg, therefore gaining stability. 
  • This presents many opportunities for personal development and growth, as individuals have the opportunity to become immersed in a different culture using their experiences. 
  • Additionally, low-skilled jobs offer decent salaries and benefits packages that can position people in a better financial situation to support themselves. 


Visa-sponsored unskilled jobs in Luxembourg have a significant role to play across diverse industries and sectors. 

  • These occupations commonly include hard labor and manual activities. 
  • Unskilled job duties which are common for positions in Luxembourg include cleaning and maintenance work, construction and labor tasks, hospitality works across the service industry as well as agricultural jobs. 
  • Cleaning and maintenance roles might require employees to ensure the cleanliness of public areas, offices, or even private quarters. They may also help with minor repairs and maintenance activities. 
  • Construction and labor jobs involve duties like carrying materials and aiding professionals in fieldwork as well as additional construction tasks such as building roads. 
  • In the hospitality and service sector, unskilled workers can work as dishwashers; kitchen hand cleaners, or multi-purpose assistants at hotels restaurants, and cafes. 
  • In the agricultural and livestock production area, untrained workers may participate in activities like plating gardening weeds as well as husbandry. 


Salaries for unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship in Luxembourg are not fixed and vary depending on the nature of work, company one works for as well as their level of experience. Nevertheless, it should also be mentioned that Luxembourg is well known for its good living conditions and considerable wages relative to other countries. In Luxembourg, the wages for unskilled labor are much greater than what is offered to a minimum wage worker which rises every month by €2. 201 Jobs in Luxembourgian hotels, building sites, and cleaning firms are among unskilled jobs that offer a visa sponsorship. When discussing these jobs, their salaries may vary from around € 2500 to upwards of €3. 

Types of Jobs

Luxembourg provides many opportunities that include unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship. The following are different types of unskilled jobs you might consider working in this attractive country: 

Agricultural sector: First, you can find a good job opportunity in the agricultural sector where they work on farms and contribute to community agriculture. 

Hospitality Industry: Alternatively, there are opportunities in the hospitality industry where hotels and restaurants seek to hire individuals who can take up positions as kitchen assistants or housekeepers.

Unqualified laborers:  In addition, unqualified laborers are also needed on building sites in Luxembourg to be engaged in different tasks where they acquire practical skills and experiences. 

Cleaning services: In addition to this, cleaning services are always required hence multitudes have been created in the job market for people seeking unskilled work.

Elderly care centers:  In addition, the elderly care centers need caregivers and assistants for assistance with older residents.

Daycare centers:  Likewise, there are opportunities in daycare centers where you can help with the kids’ care. 

Garden industry: Furthermore, the landscaping and gardening industry provides opportunities for unskilled employees to take care of parks or public spaces. 

Public space jobs: Finally, jobs in the area of public space cleaning and maintenance are located inside schools and government buildings.

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Where You Can Find Jobs in Luxembourg with Visa Sponsorship?

Below check the Website Where You Can Find Jobs in Luxembourg;

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Linkedin

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