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Cashier Jobs at Laura Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Cashier Jobs at Laura Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024

A popular fashion chain retailer, Laura Canada, has several employment opportunities for its stores and welcomes international applicants who need visa sponsorship to apply for cashier jobs. When it comes to the workforce in 2024, the company remains specific in terms of recruitment policy- benefits, duties, and wages. In this article, the author explains the various aspects of cashier careers at Laura Canada including the pros, challenges, the kind of jobs available, and what is expected of the cashier.

Job Details

  • Country: Canada
  • Job Title: Cashier
  • Education: Diploma
  • Education: Diploma
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes

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Being employed as a cashier at Laura Canada has various perks aimed at catering to the employee’s physical and mental health

  • LAURA CANADA offers various health insurance plans for its employees including medical insurance, dental, and vision care insurance.
  •  The company provides training to its employees for growth in their careers to help them prepare for advanced job roles.
  • Fortunately, recognizing the value of personal time at work the company provides shifts options for working and 10 paid days off, including vacation days and personal days off for its employees.
  • The cashier and all the other employees are provided with a discount of a large number of Laura Canada’s products, thus they can look fashionable as well as buy affordable clothing.


To secure a cashier position at Laura Canada, candidates must meet certain requirements:

  • The requirement, for a candidate usually a high school diploma or standard General Education Diploma (GED), may be necessary.
  • Finally, prior experience in working in the retail or customer service is considered a strong advantage. Candidate should have prior experience in cash handling issues.
  • Speaking at least one of the two languages, which is English or French depending on the case, is very important as you will be communicating with the customers and also your colleagues.
  • Retail experience and working knowledge of and comfort with basic computer software and point-of-sale equipment. System-specific training will be delivered.

Types of Jobs

Some of the types of cashier positions include:

Full-Time Cashier: In this occupation, working is standard; therefore, full-time cashiers clock approximately 35-40 hours weekly. During a normal day, they are confined to their counters performing traditional cashier tasks and may occasionally engage in other jobs when business is slow.

Part-Time Cashier: Most of the personnel hired as cashiers work fewer hours than individuals working in full-time positions, especially at night, over the weekend or on public holidays. This job is perfect for students or people who want to work extra jobs to earn some extra income.

Lead Cashier: This position involves other duties, tasks, and responsibilities, which include supervising other cashiers, controlling checkout counters, and addressing any customers’ complaints that cannot be dealt with at the point of sale.

Seasonal Cashier: For instance, at holiday times of the year: Laura Canada has to recruit other cashiers to ensure adequate staffing to cover the busy period. While these positions are not long-term, it is still important to have them, as they will provide invaluable work experience.


The responsibilities of cashiers at Laura Canada include; Implementing various tasks within the store to keep operations running and to meet and serve the clients effectively. Key responsibilities include:

  • Experience in cash, credit, and debit sales transactions, processes, controls, and reporting. This includes scanning items, the process of making some items cheaper with discounts and checking on the pricing.
  • To follow up with customers, to correct any misinformation, and to offer facts about sales, discounts, and policies.
  • To ensure proper management of the checkout section of the store, the following measures should be taken; This ranges from washing the apparatus to cleaning the desks and making other parts of the working area neat.
  • Constant restocking of bags and receipt paper as well as any other utility articles within the check-out zone.
  • Adhering to proper security guidelines that help minimize theft and other fraudulent activities.


The salary for a cashier in Canada is around $29,250 per year or $15 per hour.

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Application Process

If you want to apply for a cashier job in Canada there are some steps that you can follow

Click on the job titles and get relevant information

Once you have decided which job you want to apply for read their information carefully

Here is the Apply Now link that you can follow

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