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Fruit Picking Jobs in Luxembourg with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Fruit Picking Jobs in Luxembourg Visa Sponsorship 2024

Are you a voyager who needs to move to a modern put and begin a modern work? Yes? If so, the great news is that Luxembourg has been enlisting natural product pickers for over 5 a long time. The booming cultivating division in Luxembourg gives numerous fruit-picking employment, making the nation a prevalent choice for individuals from other nations who need to live and work abroad.

As a transient in Luxembourg, picking natural products is one of the foremost prevalent and well-paid summer occupations you’ll get. It’s an awesome way to create cash and learn about the culture of the put at the same time. Picking natural products from areas is a portion of this job, which is frequently drained farther parts of the country.

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Working as a natural product picker could be an awesome way to form cash and get to know the nation and its individuals. In this article, I’ll talk about Luxembourg’s fruit-picking commerce, the diverse sorts of employment that are accessible, and the programs that can offer assistance to outside specialists to get visas. You’ll too know how much cash and advantages you’ll be able to expect as a natural product picker in Luxembourg.

Details of Fruit Picking Jobs in Luxembourg

JobFruit Picking Job
EducationHigh School Diploma
Experience1-2 Years
Visa SponsorshipYes

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  • Physical wellness and continuance to work outside for long hours
  • Ability to work in different climate conditions
  • Attention to detail and precision in picking fruits
  • Basic information on distinctive natural product assortments and their aging stages
  • Willingness to memorize and take after security conventions and standards
  • Good communication abilities to work successfully in a team
  • Availability to work adaptable hours, counting ends of the week and holidays
  • Reliable transportation to and from the farm
  • the nature of the work performed in an occupation in connection to the characteristic assignments and duties
  • the level of formal instruction required for competent execution of the assignments and obligations included and
  • the sum of casual on-the-job training and/or past involvement in a related occupation required for competent execution of these assignments and duties.
  • Apply well-being and security when picking: Take the vital well-being and security safeguards when picking: pose your body well, securely work instruments and apparatus, and wear the correct dress and security for the climate.
  • Work in open air conditions: Can adapt to distinctive climate conditions such as warm, rain, cold, or solid wind.
  • Harvest trim: Cut, choose, or cut agrarian items physically or utilizing fitting instruments and apparatus. Taking into consideration the important quality criteria of items, cleanliness medicines, and utilizing the suitable methods.
  • Carry picking work helps: Carry work hardware, such as stepping stools, little holders, or canvas drop cloths.
  • Store crops: Store and protect crops by benchmarks and controls to guarantee their quality. Guarantee that capacity offices are kept concurring with hygienic guidelines, directing temperature, warming, and air conditioning of capacity facilities.
  • Select natural products and vegetables: Select natural products and vegetables for picking, agreeing to measure, color, and ripeness.
  • Store items: Keep items in a secure put to preserve their quality. Guarantee the stock offices meet cleanliness guidelines, controlling temperature, and warming, and discuss conditioning of capacity facilities.


  • Inspecting and selecting the leading natural products for picking
  • Harvesting natural products by hand utilizing suitable devices and techniques
  • Sorting and pressing natural products into suitable holders while guaranteeing quality standards
  • Working proficiently and successfully in a group to meet day-by-day targets
  • Adhering to security and well-being controls whereas working within the field
  • Reporting any issues or concerns to the cultivate supervisor
  • Maintaining cleanliness and organization of work region and equipment
  • Performing any other obligations as relegated by the cultivate manager
  • Identifying, picking, and sorting natural products agreeing to measure, sort, and ripeness.
  • Checking natural products of diverse sizes and sorts and expelling decaying and over-ripened fruits.
  • Measuring and pressing tall quality fruits and vegetables into boxes and loading those boxes in trucks.
  • Receiving, checking, labeling, and storing stock of things, as required.
  • Operating and keeping up different gear for gathering natural products and vegetables and other related tasks.
  • Cleaning and cleaning work destinations and keeping up a safe workplace.
  • Reporting any issues with crops to administrators or farmers
  • Working long hours outdoors picking natural products and vegetables
  • Enduring hot climate while out in the plantations or fields
  • Handling sharp objects utilized to assist choose natural products and vegetables


  • It covers extra rights and worker benefits in Luxembourg entitled to representatives who have served beneath the same boss for numerous years.
  • Such workers are entitled to higher severance installments, a broader term of the take note period when clearing out the company, more occasion take off days, and a national least compensation (depending on the employee’s qualification).
  • According to article L125-3 of the Work Code of the recompense and benefits policy in Luxembourg, the annuity is given in case the representative has contributed a least 120 months to the annuity insurance.
  • Luxembourg Social Law:
  • It guarantees the least social wage for all representatives depending on their skills.
  • Specifically, it stipulates a month-to-month social wage of EUR 2,071.10 for incompetent representatives and EUR 2,447.07 for talented employees.
  • The standard working hours in Luxembourg are 8 hours a day and 40 hours per week.
  • The workers get remuneration for working hours surpassing the concurred standard working hours within the shape of overtime.
  • The extra minutes of restrain are 2 hours per day and 8 hours per week.
  • The remuneration of this worker benefits in Luxembourg is 150% of the standard compensation rate.
  • The work contract/collective understandings administer the additional time compensation.
  • The representatives in Luxembourg get the least paid yearly take-off of 26 working days.
  • The bosses or the collective haggling understandings may allow extra paid get-away days.
  • Foreign nationals planning to work legitimately in Luxembourg must get a work allow. In any case, the citizens of the EEA, EU, and Switzerland are exempted from this commitment. Luxembourgers ought to procure an isolated work allowed in there, to begin with the year.
  • Employees in Luxembourg can’t be limited from locks in any kind of competition understanding. It implies they are permitted to advance and maintain advertising competition and dodge hones laying antagonistic impacts on advertising competition.

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How to Apply For Fruit Picking Jobs in Luxembourg with Visa Sponsorship?

All the candidates can apply by clicking the link below:

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