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Office Clerk Jobs in Canada with LMIA Approved 2024

Office Clerk Jobs in Canada with LMIA Approved 2024

LMIA (Labor Showcase Affect Assessment)-accredited office receptionist positions in Canada show remarkable prospects for those in the look of business in regulatory capacities. Ordinary clerical obligations for these positions incorporate information passage, recording, and giving common office support.

The LMIA ensures that the business of non-Canadian laborers will not have an unfavorable impact on the Canadian labor advertise. Having solid communication capacities, consideration for detail, and organization seem to make applying for office receptionist positions in Canada a productive proficient advancement involvement. Capitalize on this opportunity to help Canadian businesses work more proficiently while picking up work encounters in an energetic and differing environment.

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Details of Office Clerk Jobs in Canada

JobOffice Clerk 
EducationHigh School Diploma
Experience1-2 Years
Visa SponsorshipYes

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Types of Jobs:

In 2024, common receptionist parts in Canada include different positions over distinctive businesses, including:

  • Administrative Clerks
  • Data Passage Clerks
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerks
  • Customer Benefit Clerks
  • Records Administration Clerks
  • Payroll Clerks
  • Procurement Clerks
  • Inventory Control Clerks
  • Legal Clerks

Requirements of Common Receptionist Occupations in Canada

  • In 2024, the Common Receptionist in Canada must have imperative communication and organizational abilities, as well as a tall school confirmation or identical.
  • Additionally, managers prioritize candidates who have administrative or clerical encounters that are closely related to their capabilities.
  • To qualify for common receptionist positions, candidates must have computer education, capability in MS Office, and information passage aptitudes, as well as the capacity to multitask.
  • High school confirmation or equivalent
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Relevant work encounter in clerical or regulatory roles
  • Computer education, MS Office capability, and information section skills
  • Ability to multitask effectively

Obligations for Office Receptionist Occupations in Canada with LMIA

  • Data Section: A basic obligation of office clerks is to input information in an exact and opportune way, in this manner defending the keenness of records kept up by the organization.
  • File Administration: Gathering and protecting physical and computerized records in a way that optimizes the recovery of archives when required.
  • Communication Administration: Office clerks as often as possible supervise correspondence, counting emails, phone discussions, and other approaching and active communications.
  • Administrative Bolster: Encourage the operations of the office by advertising authoritative help to assorted departments.
  • Record Keeping: The act of maintaining comprehensive and deliberate documentation of exchanges, intuitive, and other relevant data.
  • Customer Benefit: Client benefit involves reacting to requests and helping inner and outside partners while cultivating positive relationships.
  • Scheduling and Calendar Administration: Planning and calendar administration involves the coordination of occasions, gatherings, and arrangements to maximize time utilization.
  • Operation of Office Gear: Able to function scanners, scanners, and printers with proficiency.
  • Order Handling: The exact and convenient preparation of solicitations, orders, and other transactional documents.
  • Collaboration: working with associates from distinctive divisions in arrange to achieve the points and goals of the organization.
  • Managing and organizing documents
  • Data input and supply management
  • Handling client questions through calls or emails
  • Maintaining official records within the office
  • Maintaining and organizing documents
  • The data input for all essential passages concerning corporations
  • Supply organization and the observation of all supplies that have arrived within the warehouse
  • Responding to customers’ requests through mail or phone and providing imperative responses
  • Clerks are capable of keeping a comprehensive stock of all official records within the office.

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Benefits of Office Receptionist Jobs

  • Adaptable Capacity Advancement: Regularly, office clerks are mindful of an assortment of obligations, counting information section, documenting, planning, and client benefit. This differing quality can help with the improvement of flexible authoritative abilities that are important in industries.
  • Accessible Openings for Tenderfoots: Regularly, office receptionist positions are entry-level, making them available to candidates with restricted work involvement or scholarly credentials.
  • Rapid Enlistment: Ordinarily, the contracting method for office receptionist positions is practical, permitting candidates to secure work moderately swiftly.
  • Introduction to the World of Trade: These positions give a presentation to the corporate or commerce environment and important knowledge into how organizations function.
  • Developing proficient relationships: Office clerks as often as possible associated with colleagues, administrators, and clients, managing their openings to create a proficient arrangement that can be profitable to their future career endeavors.
  • Communication Mastery: Office clerks as often as possible lock-in in verbal and composed communication with associates and clients, in this manner improving their communication skills.
  • Organizing Capacities: The position involves organizing and overseeing archives, plans, and office assets, which can make strides in organizational abilities.
  • Problem Determination: Overseeing differing regulatory assignments can require inventive problem-solving and expository thinking skills.
  • Customer Benefit Introduction: Office clerks habitually associate with shoppers or clients, honing their polished skill and client benefit skills.
  • Consistent Work: Various businesses need office clerks to preserve effective operations, so these positions as often as possible offer steady work opportunities.
  • Earnings Era: Whereas office receptionist positions may not offer the most elevated pay, they do give a source of pay that can be fundamental for assembly everyday costs and accomplishing monetary objectives.
  • Work-life harmony: Various office receptionist positions give standard work hours and a work-life adjustment, which contributes to by and large well-being.
  • The capacity to adjust: A few office receptionist positions may offer adaptable working hours or farther work choices to oblige people with shifting plan requirements.
  • Point of Entry for Calling Headway: Those who perform splendidly in the part of office receptionist may have the opportunity to accept extra duties and rise inside the organization over time.
  • Educational Openings: Working in an office environment exposes workers to different features of commerce operations, giving openings for persistent learning.


Qualified candidates are advertised competitive compensation through visa sponsorships for common receptionist positions in Canada. In expansion, certain organizations are amiable to support remote representatives. It is basic to conduct an examination and recognize managers who offer visa help to common clerks. You’ll be able to win between CAD 30,000 and CAD 45,000 yearly with suitable capabilities and important experience.

How to Apply for General Clerk Jobs

To extend their probability of getting a supported visa for work in Canada, it is prescribed that imminent candidates audit data concerning boss companies, work enlightening, and migration arrangements. By supporting visas for people, they can be situated as practical candidates for common receptionist positions due to their versatility in the Canadian work environment, pertinent work encounters, and fitting capabilities. This sponsorship has the potential to lead to individual advancement and career headway, making it a practical choice for people who wish to extend their skylines and get Canadian work advertised.

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