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Packing Jobs in Dubai with Free Visa 2024

Opportunities are always knocking on the doors in Dubai, a sparkling jewel set in the union of seven emirates that collectively form the United Arab Emirates. It earns its reputation as a city for its fast-growing urbanization, rich cultural melting pot, and promising employment opportunities.

Some of the employment sectors include packing jobs and these are preferred for several reasons including the fact that most of them do not require anyone to meet the Canadian experience requirement and most companies offer free visas to employees.

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Job Details

  • Job Title: Packer
  • Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Visa Status: Free visa provided by the employer

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  • Education: A high degree education is not necessary when one is working for any packing career. However, a general education development (GED) for instance or any other similar educational attainment from high school may be adequate.
  • Experience: Although there are different open positions, which can require at least some experience in packing or warehouse work, most employees are trained on the job.
  • Physical Fitness: Packing jobs might entail some rigorous tasks because packing involves manipulation and moving of the items that are to be packed. As to the physical demands, the candidate must be able to stand for long hours, perform lifting and clamping of heavy objects, and do bench-repetitive jobs.


  • Free Visa: A major benefit perceived is that it is relatively easier for many employers to sponsor a candidate by paying for the visa and working permit documents for the employee.
  • Accommodation: While some employers may provide lodging and/or meals for employees, which may be free or charged at a minimal fee, this slightly cuts the cost of living for the worker.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare facilities and insurance are usually provided or offered as one of the requirements and benefits in workplaces.
  • Transportation: Transportation to and from the workplace is usually availed with no charge to be made.


  • Packing Goods: Ensuring that goods are packaged properly and in a manner that will shield them from external factors that may be harmful to them.
  • Labeling: Providing information on the packages such as the address, the shipment contents, or the way to handle the package.
  • Inventory Management: This is an ability that is used in determining stock levels, and making reports on any noticed variations.
  • Quality Control: Checking the article physically for damages or any flaw that could result or be a result of packaging before packing.
  • Loading and Unloading: Helping to carry goods to trucks or other ad hoc storage space within premises.

Salary Expectations

The pay that packing jobs offer in Dubai depends on several factors, including the company, experience, and the actual job offered. Monthly wages range from AED 2,000 to AED 4,000 at present and may vary according to experience and the profession of the employee.

Types of Packing Jobs

Warehouse Packer: Usually, a sorter is involved in the packing of items in a warehouse environment particularly those involving large sizes of commodities in bulk.

Retail Packer: Specialized in packing products, stores them on shelves, restocks or replaces them depending on the customer’s demand.

Food Packer: Some include packing of foods and other perishable goods, and this is done strictly to health standards.

Logistics Packer: Packing services for logistics firms that put the most emphasis on the safety and reliability of the transportation of goods.

Manufacturing Packer: A factory worker who packs finished products to prepare them for sending out to markets and other markets.

E-commerce Packer: This makes Packs deliver parcels for e-commerce businesses that may sometimes include different commodities.

Medical Supply Packer: Performs packing of medical supplies, and equipment, wearing appropriate gloves and adhering to other standard operating procedures as required.

Export Packer: Packagers specialize in packing manufactured products for export with a view of meeting international transport standards.

Cosmetic Packer: Packaged items associated with beauty and care need to guarantee that they are properly and pleasingly packed.

Automotive Packer: Employed in the automobile production sector, when preparing car components and equipment for transportation.

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Application Process

Job Search: Freelance packing jobs can be explored on the various job search websites or on the official websites or social nodes of the various companies. The most widely used Website is Indeed, followed by Bayt and Naukrigulf.

Prepare Your Resume: Develop a resume wherein you put down your abilities as well as previous work experiences along with the necessary certifications if any. Make sure you adapt the resume to the kind of packing job that you are doing the application for.

Submit Applications: This involves the use of posting one’s resume in employers’ offices or organizations and writing a cover letter if necessary. Make sure to follow the guidelines provided when applying strictly. Apply Now

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