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Painter Jobs in New Zealand with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Painter Jobs in New Zealand with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Auckland and Wellington as cities of New Zealand’s pleasant climate, beautiful scenery, interesting attractions, and friendly people which are desired by skilled persons from all over the globe. When it comes to the current jobs market, any professional in painting can confirm that they are in high demand.

This article provides a comprehensive guide for those searching for painter vacancies in New Zealand that includes visa sponsorship in 2024 focusing on the following aspects: the job description, responsibilities, pay, and privileges that go with the job.

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Job Details

  • Location: Various locations across New Zealand
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Visa Sponsorship: Available for qualified candidates

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Job Requirements

  • It is advisable to work with certifications from credible organizations or trade schools where necessary.
  • Work Experience: Innovativeness and creativity are highly encouraged; however, practical experience is highly regarded. Most employers consider individuals who have had prior employment for a certain duration while others should provide at least 2-3 years’ experience in painting and decorating.
  • Skill Proficiency: Am adept in different types of painting, preparation of the painting area, and how the painting tools and materials are to be used.
  • Physical Fitness: Painting is also a physical activity i.e. a job that involves physical exertion. It is desirable to have good endurance and the desire/capability to work at heights.
  • Attention to Detail: Scales and definite overemphasizes become imperative to accomplish superior surface.


  • Competitive Salary: Painters in New Zealand receive fair remunerations that are proportional to the substandard going rates and their proficiency.
  • Work-Life Balance: New Zealand is famous for the top quality of the work-life balance identified as a perfect balance between work and fun, and time for family and personal life.
  • Health and Safety: Business owners and managers in New Zealand pay attention to the fact that consumers and workers are protected and everyone’s safety is valued.
  • Cultural Experience: Being able to navigate complicated gender roles and have multicultural experiences living in one of the most stunning countries.


  • Color Mixing and Matching: Controlling the type and quality of paints when preparing the paints for application on the surfaces.
  • Repair and Maintenance: Likewise, they utilize the material to seal and patch which include cracks, holes, and other defects in surfaces.
  • Safety Compliance: Cultivating safe practices about safeguarding the workplace.
  • Client Interaction: Sharing information with clients to obtain their directions and to inform them of the ongoing developments of the projects.


  • Entry-Level Painters: NZD 20 – 25 per Hour.
  • Experienced Painters: $25: $35 per hour depending on experience.
  • Specialist Painters: in New Zealand $35-$45 an hour.

Types of Painter Jobs

Residential Painters: Special emphasis should be placed on the painting of houses for residing and painting apartments both interior and exterior. Sometimes, they deal with homeowners on their own but in most cases, they deal with contractors.

Commercial Painters: Cater in painting business premises including offices, malls, restaurants, and other recurrent establishments. This often performs more extensive tasks or entails performing the tasks at a wider level.

Industrial Painters: Cove industrial areas such as Factories, workshops, and warehouses among others. Specialized coatings manufacturers are some of the coated products they handle and are used on large painting assignments.

Maintenance Painters: Popular with organizations such as schools and office complexes where the buildings need to have their paintwork touched up consistently.

Decorative Painters: Concentrate on painting of decorative painting, murals, & faux. To do this requires a lot of artistic feeling and inventiveness.

Restoration Painters: Concerning the job of architectural painting, which is to restore and maintain the historical appearance of the building, professionalism involves knowledge of painting techniques and the use of paints in the past.

Marine Painters: Perform work on vessels and other related structures such as ships, applying ideal covers to guard the menace of marine conditions.

Spray Painters: Paints should be applied by spray guns which are preferable on large surfaces. It is frequently used in automobile and industrial coating processes because of its efficiency.

Wallpaper Installers: Apply plastering and other tiling products like wallpapers that deserve the best touch and stringent control.

Sign Painters: Develop signs and generally a painter, but one must possess drawings and designing skills.

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Job Application Process

  • If you want to apply for a cashier job in Canada there are some steps that you can follow
  • Click on the job titles and get relevant information
  • Once you have decided which job you want to apply for read their information carefully
  • Here is the apply now link that you can follow

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