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Security Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Security Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Security occupations in Canada show a promising road for universal candidates, especially in segments with tall requests for gifted staff, such as cybersecurity. These parts envelop a wide extent, from property and individual security to specialized areas. For worldwide candidates, getting a handle on the pathway to securing these positions, counting visa sponsorship and permitting necessities, is essential.

Canada’s developing private security segment drives unfaltering requests for a security workforce over commercial, mechanical, and open segments. For non-natives, securing a security watch position with visa sponsorship requires exploring both the work advertisement and migration pathways.

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A Security Officer, or Security Watch, guarantees the security of the region they are doled out to observe. Their obligations incorporate checking the premises, reacting to crisis circumstances, and keeping track of all occurrences on-site.

We are searching for a fit and mindful security protection to guarantee that our property is secured. The security watch is capable of recording the names of guests, watching the property, and securing any trespassers.

Job Details

EducationHigh School Diploma
Experience2-3 Years
Visa SponsorshipYes

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Security Officer abilities and qualifications

A Security Officer could be a consistent and consoling nearness on a company’s premises. A fruitful Security Officer candidate will have different prerequisite abilities and capabilities including:

  • The capacity to work proactively and utilize intuition
  • An intensive and sharp consideration of detail
  • Excellent concentration skills
  • The capacity to stay alarmed and mindful of surroundings
  • A capacity to stay persistent and calm under pressure
  • Understanding of the innovation utilized inside the company
  • Excellent client benefit skills
  • Ability to work well with others
  • High school diploma/GED.
  • Registered as a security officer.
  • Outstanding reconnaissance and perception skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to work out great judgment.
  • Strong detailing skills.
  • Working information on open security, security operations, and procedures.
  • Knowledge of state laws and regulations.
  • Trained in To begin with Help and self-defense.


  • Installing security frameworks and controls.
  • Inspecting and watching premises regularly.
  • Monitoring reconnaissance cameras and announcing suspicious behavior.
  • Communicating with law requirements, fire divisions, and crisis therapeutic personnel.
  • Monitoring open access and guaranteeing the security of all workforce and visitors.
  • Responding to cautions and analyzing security footage.
  • Investigating suspicious behavior, occurrences, and security breaches.
  • Apprehending trespassers and perpetrators.
  • Maintaining a movement log and planning reconnaissance reports.
  • Adhering to company arrangements and legitimate regulations.
  • Patrolling and securing the area.
  • Monitoring and dissecting CCTV camera footage.
  • Guarding resources in a secure area.
  • Protecting the company’s resources relative to burglary, ambush, fire, and other security issues
  • Responding to cautions and emergencies.
  • Communicating any inconsistencies with management.
  • Keeping an occurrence report record.
  • Following strategies for different activities including fire anticipation, activity control, and mishap investigations


  • One of the pivotal benefits you get while being employed in Canada is getting to Work Protection (EI). Having to get employment protections implies you’ll get certain monetary benefits if you lose your job. Typically one of the standard benefits is given to all the laborers in Canada. In expansion, you’ll be able to get up to 35% of your normal week-after-week profit on the off chance that you qualify for work protections (EI). In any case, assume you lose your job, and there isn’t any employment available. In that case, you’ll too be able to claim business protection benefits, but this may vary as per your occupation of the industry you’re working with.
  • Do you know on the off chance that you have got to require debilitated take off in Canada and you’ll be secured monetarily as a few companies give their employees short-term inability accounts? In any case, the government too offers a standard Business Protections ailment advantage to guarantee your funds while on your debilitated leave. In expansion, in case you’re incapable of working for restorative reasons, like injury, quarantine, ailment, or other restorative conditions, you may claim debilitated benefits for up to 15 weeks and get a great percentage of your salary.
  • The Canada Benefits Arrange (CPP) incorporates that both representatives and bosses can contribute towards the pension plan to which the workers are entitled. It may be a standard work advantage that guarantees a person will get money over the retirement age of 60 once they resign from the company or organization.
  • This conspiracy is obligatory for all representatives because it guarantees sparing plans for them with substantial work visas. As a rule, when a person retires, they regularly stress approximately cash, so the Canada Annuity Arrange permits having to get a parcel of your earned wage for the rest of your life as you’ve made it.
  • Whether it is the neighborliness division or the IT segment, Canada has considerable multinational companies and their central station & workplaces in Canada.
  • Due to the way better working design with no stretch bosses are sharp to work proficiently and viably which makes a difference in them extending the number of their compensations. Within the neighborliness segment, we have numerous experts in Canada to pick up huge working involvement and end up PR.
  • Working in Canada too permits you to get family and caregiving benefits that will empower you to require care of your family individuals or your cherished ones in case they are harmed or debilitated. Thus, while working, you’ll too get Maternity and Paternity benefits that permit you to require time off if a lady is pregnant and needs to spend time with the child after birth.


The normal security watch compensation in Canada is $33,150 per year or $17 per hour. Entry-level positions begin at $29,250 per year, whereas most experienced laborers make up to $45,483 per year.

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How to Apply For Security Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship?

Online Worksheets: Websites like Undoubtedly, Beast, and LinkedIn are valuable assets for finding security work postings in Canada. These stages permit you to filter occupations by area and sort, and a few postings may specify if visa sponsorship is available.

Security Companies: Expansive worldwide security firms such as GardaWorld, Securitas, and Paladin Security often have operations in Canada and may offer positions that can support worldwide applicants.

Recruitment Offices: Offices specializing in security employment can help in finding positions that coordinate your capabilities and bolster you through the application and visa process.

Networking: Joining proficient security affiliations, such as ASIS International’s Canadian chapters, can offer assistance in constructing associations that lead to work openings.

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