TCL Jobs in USA July 2024: Open Jobs/Online Applications

TCL Jobs in USA 2024: Open Jobs/Online Applications

TCL is one of the largest electronics companies that operates around the world, and the company branches out toward the United States in 2024 providing numerous opportunities for work for professionals. Famous for its latest technology in TVs, mobiles, and home appliances

TCL is a vibrant company with the following core values: Career Progression, Technological advancement, and teamwork/Triumph. This blog provides information on TCL Jobs in USA with the Application process;

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Details of TCL Jobs in USA

  • Company: TCL (The Creative Life)
  • Location: Various locations across the USA
  • Employment Type: Full-time and part-time positions available
  • Industry: Consumer Electronics, Technology

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Requirements of TCL Jobs in USA

  • Educational Background: It is common for most positions at TCL to demand candidates with a university degree together with a Bachelor’s degree in related disciplines inclusive of; Engineering, Computer Science or Information Technology, Business administration/management, Marketing, and Human resource management.
  • Experience: Based on the professional position, TCL focuses on the specific experience that varies from minimal to considerable.
  • Technical Skills: For technical positions, computing skills such as Linked, Python, Java, or C ++; SDLC awareness, awareness of artificial bits of intelligence (AI) and factual learning; acumen of cloud computing.
  • Soft Skills: Interpersonal skills; critical solving skills; teamwork working skills; and flexibility skills are required in various positions.
  • Certifications: The certifications about project management, like PMP, IT, CompTIA, Cisco, and technical specifications like AWS Certified Solutions Architect, etc. add value to the candidate’s profile.

Benefits of Working in TCL

  • Health and Wellness: TCL also provides a range of different medical plans that consist of medical, dental, and vision insurance. It also accommodates Wellness programs and mental health support, and members can even access Gym memberships.
  • Retirement Plans: These 401(k) plans, enhanced with matching funds from the employer, enable one to set up their tertiary benefits.
  • Work-Life Balance: TCL ensures that employees work smart to have ample time to attend to their needs by allowing flexibility in working hours and offering PTO and remote working.
  • Career Development: Recurrent training is facilitated and supported by professional development programs, workshops, and university education assistance.


  • Product Management: Co-ordinate the process of product development including the creation of the product concept right to the period of its launch into the market.
  • Sales and Marketing: First, it outlines how the organizations can market and sell TCL products; second, it identifies how the organizations can foster partnership and customer connections.
  • Customer Support: Ensuring customer complaints are effectively handled and that the organization meets their needs to address their concerns.
  • Engineering: Creating new potential electronic products or modifying current ones, building, and enhancing new or existing systems.

Salary Expectations

The estimated salary for TCL jobs is around 62,000 USD to 115,000 USD per year

Types of Jobs in TCL

Software Engineer: Creating software applications, defining algorithms, types, and structures, and fixing errors in the application codes.

Product Manager: Establish a clear and unique product justification, determine the lifespans of the product, and collaborate with multiple teams.

Sales Executive: Implementing sales, customer management, and meeting targets on sales. Effective communication skills, sales and marketing skills, and familiarity with the electronics market.

Marketing Manager: Developing marketing, supervising advertising messages, and identifying market signals.

Customer Support Specialist: Handling customer complaints, facing technical questions, preserving and creating customer loyalty.

Electrical Engineer: Writing integrated circuits and systems, system and circuit prototyping, verifying the hardware, and quality assurance.

HR Manager: Recruitment and selection, employee relations and industrial relations, personnel administration, and the administration of HR programs.

Research Scientist: This involves carrying out research studies to create cutting-edge technologies, disseminating information, as well as working with the research and development departments.

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Application Process


Take the next step in your career at one of the world’s largest consumer electronics brands. Click the Apply Now link to apply through the official website of TCL.

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