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Teaching Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Teaching Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Unlike other destinations, Dubai, the marvel of the UAE is not only known for its lavishness and spellbinding magnificence but also an educational sector that enriches people. Along with growing expat communities, the focus is on delivering standard education

Dubai has become the one-stop destination for educators worldwide to seek their roles. Besides the fact that teachers are offered visa sponsorship, the opportunities that are provided tend to be quite captivating

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Job Details

  • Position: Teaching Positions
  • Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Visa Sponsorship Available
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Education Level: Bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field
  • Experience: Previous teaching experience preferred
  • Subjects: Various subjects and levels available (e.g., English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, etc.)

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  • A baccalaureate level of Education or closely related discipline is necessary for qualification. Some jobs require a Master’s degree, especially the ones with the higher rank, e.g. the teaching jobs associated with the most important disciplines.
  • The candidate should provide or hold a valid qualification i.e. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), or a state teaching license accordingly.
  • On the other hand, the recruitment process may have some unneeded requirements, as sometimes schools may give preference to those applicants with prior teaching experience or experience in international or multicultural settings.
  • The ability to teach in English is a common characteristic of Dubai-based teaching positions as English is often the language in which the students of most schools are instructed.
  • Ideal candidates should show cultural sensitivity that fosters interaction between a multicultural environment, students and their parents as well as members of the school’s staff.


  • Alongside visa sponsorship, license for educators may be offered competitive salaries, housing allowances, and accommodations
  • Medical insurance, yearly airfare payments, and end-of-the-contract gratuity.
  • Many schools further offer professional development chances beyond their educational environments, in which teachers can improve their expertise and grow professionally.


  • They entail lesson planning and delivery of project planning
  • Marking student growth
  • Offering suggestions regarding lesson plans
  • Cooperating with both colleagues and parents to realize the overall development of students.
  • Teachers may be also forced to be involved in extracurricular activities and attend school events outside.


The salary rates for a teaching position in Dubai can be affected based on factors like teacher’s level of education, their experience in teaching, and the type of school. Nevertheless, according to surveys, instructors typically get 8,000 AED to 30,000 AED which is equivalent to $2,200 to USD 8200, a wage higher than what the beginners receive.

Types of Jobs

In Dubai, there are 10 different types of teaching jobs ranging from primary to college level as well as private tutoring.

English Language Teacher: Due to the task of English-language teaching, teachers are crucial in developing students’ oral communication skills.

Mathematics Teacher: Being involved in elementary school, teachers teach math and provide students with mathematical concepts and skills, developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Science Teacher: Science teachers impart scientific knowledge and demonstrate experiments and other experimental procedures to students for first-hand learning.

Social Studies Teacher: Together with their social studies teachers, students get the chance to learn about topics ranging from history to geography and civic education and in the process broaden their general view of the world.

Special Education Teacher: Firstly, special education teachers offer guidance for pupils with different learning problems and they make instructional strategies and materials to follow for each individual student’s special education plan (IEP).

Early Childhood Educator: Infant teachers care about the careful development of their infants through education of cognitive, social, and emotional kind for a lifetime of learning.

Art Teacher: Art teacher opens us up to the world of self-expression and creativity. In addition to the techniques of working with different kinds of materials, the teacher is likely to teach widely different styles of art.

Physical Education Teacher: Physical education teachers play a crucial role in developing physical well-being and fitness by providing professional exercise regimes and giving sports occasion.

Music Teacher: Music teachers play the most important role of imparting musical knowledge and techniques, developing a passion for music, and building up students’ musical talents too.

Computer Science Teacher: As there is an increasing demand for computers, the teachers of the computer science class teach the students with coding, programming, and digital literacy skills and instructions.

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How to Apply For Teaching Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship?

Teaching careers in Dubai positions provide what is considered a gateway to a successful and fulfilling career in the education sector. Teachers can explore diverse occupations in different disciplines, as well as competitive salaries and fantastic benefits packages in Dubai.

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