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Waiter Jobs in Luxembourg with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Waiter Jobs in Luxembourg with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Located in the heart of Europe and bordering Germany, Luxembourg is portrayed as a small but well-to-do nation famous for its high living standards, people who are speakers of several languages, and vigorous cultural activity. Luxembourg, in 2024, remains a bustling industry for hospitality hence the need for enhanced service delivery in the form of waiters.

This can be particularly advantageous for foreign job seekers because most employers provide their workers with visa assistance. Having outlined the basic definition of a waiter, this blog will also discuss the following aspects of the profession

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Job Details

  • Job Title: Waiter
  • Location: Luxembourg
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Visa Sponsorship: Available for qualified candidates

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  • Language Skills: The ability to speak English is mandatory and fluency in French, German or Luxembourgish is all the more an asset.
  • Experience: In this industry, prior employment experience in the hospitality industry is frequently indispensable. Common prerequisites for entry-level positions include prior experience working as a server, experience in customer service, or bartender experience.
  • Education: Experience and specialized training in hospitality may at times be required though at least a high school education is often enough.
  • Work Permit: Companies that wish to sponsor visas for their employees will also help in acquiring the required work permit for non-EU candidates.


  • Competitive Salary: Currently Luxembourg boasts one of the highest figures in the minimum wage among all EU countries.
  • Tips: Since tips are usually earned on top of an employee’s salary, they can greatly improve total pay.
  • Cultural Experience: A multicultural workplace offers experience in different cultures and speaking other languages is a bonus.
  • Career Growth: Possible career growth for hospitality management professionals.
  • Healthcare: Availability of adequate healthcare structures.


  • Taking Orders: The various tasks that it is required to perform include entering customer orders correctly while communicating the same to the kitchen.
  • Serving Food and Drinks: Being able to deliver the meals and beverages ordered within the shortest time and professionally and courteously.
  • Customer Interaction: Being able to meet the guests, indicating and answering all the questions regarding the hotel or any other pertinent concerns.
  • Table Management: Cleaning of will include table arrangement and tidiness i.e. whether it has been set and cleared properly.
  • Billing: Presenting bills and processing payments are some of the roles of a medical coder


The salary for a waiter is reasonably good, and as expected in Luxembourg the cost of living and minimum wage laws are high. According to the existing estimations, the minimum wage for an unskilled worker in 2024 will make up about €2,387 calculated as gross per month. 40. For competently skilled workers the above can be higher.

Types of Jobs

Fine Dining Waiter: slipping in luxurious restaurants where the skill and the commitments of the waiter are rather high, due to the knowledge of the exquisite meals and wines.

Casual Dining Waiter: Employed at more casual workplaces where people aren’t as formal as in other restaurant chains and corporate environments.

Bar Waiter: They can serve drinks and light snacks in places such as a bar or a pub.

Hotel Waiter: Waiting for guests’ parties in hotel restaurants or room service.

Banquet Waiter: Characteristic jobs include working for Weddings, meetings, banquets, and B&F.

Cafe Waiter: Working in cafes, which may include provisions in a setting that affords more freedom and less formal structure

Breakfast Waiter: Employment of cooks in restaurants that primarily serve breakfast meals usually in hotels and bed and breakfast facilities.

Corporate Waiter: Working in business-oriented restaurants or canteens.

Cruise Ship Waiter: Cruise vessels employ human resources to serve in different capacities in an interesting workplace environment with the added opportunity to travel.

Seasonal Waiter: For example, the opportunities can be found in a business that has its operation only in a particular period of the year, for instance, a ski resort or restaurant on the beach.

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Application Process

Prepare Your CV: The steps involved in creating a professional CV are as follows: These are your skills, experience, and any education or training that is related to the hospitality industry.

Cover Letter: Several skills and interests possessed by the candidate should be described in detail using a cover letter sample.

Submit Application: Submit your application for the desired position through the recommended method, which can be through the Internet by filling out the recommended application form, sending an e-mail, or even physically presenting yourself to the employer. Apply Now

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