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Farm Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners 2024

Farm Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners 2024

In the placid pastures of Finland with picturesque tones of green and green countryside, a chance for foreign nationals to the agriculture profession seeking employment exists. Finland’s agriculture is by extension changing and thriving, therefore, there’s a shortage of life-changing, professional professionals to ensure its sustainable growth. 

Visa sponsorship is a good thing also but not only because it is something to do with the job, it is something to experience the beauty of the Finnish countryside and at the very least to be part of an important industry. Now let us discover this job including job specifications, benefits, duties, salary, and availability of various vacancies.

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Job Details

  • Position: Farm Worker
  • Location: Various farms across Finland
  • Duration: Full-time, permanent
  • Visa Sponsorship: Available for qualified candidates
  • Accommodation: Provided
  • Transportation: Assistance provided
  • Language Requirement: Basic English (Finnish proficiency preferred but not mandatory)

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  • Previous experience in farming or fields with the same focus required.
  • The ability to personally engage with nature and interact with the elements of the environment in continuously changing weather conditions is also a very powerful attraction.
  • Keenness to grasp and absorb the several practical activities on the farm.
  • Marked work permission or willingness to be sponsored by the employer for a visa.
  • Efficient communication skills which are used to interact with staff members.


  • Competitive salary that can increase with experience and time
  • Accommodation is provided and you don’t have to pay for your own
  • Health insurance coverage for all employees
  • Ways undertaken to aid workers in developing their careers and acquired professions.
  • Establishment of the Finnish history and the countryside culture adds exceptional value to choosing the described lifestyle.
  • Working with supportive team members in a collaborative setting can provide a safe space to express our thoughts and express ourselves completely.


  • Growing as well as guarding fields while tending and waiting for crops to be ready.
  • Hearing and seeing the inner workings of the farm, including but not limited to operating the farm machines and equipment.
  • Irrigation and fertilization tasks that involve taking care of the plants on the farms
  • Livestock care and management
  • Since the farm equipment is constantly being used, regular farm maintenance and repairs are a must.


Finnish farmer workers’ pay is adjustable by experience, job villages, and job constellations. On average, the farm workers’ incomes amount from either €1,500 to €2,500 monthly, additionally, they benefit from such things as insurance and accommodation as well

Types of Jobs

Crop Farmer: Responsibility lies on me to see to the growing up of crops and harvesting of fields that include wheat, barley, oats, or vegetables.

Livestock Farmer: In charge of farm animals’ health and reproduction of cattle, lambs, pigs, and poultry.

Dairy Worker: Dealing daily with many dairy cows doing their work in the powerful process of milking, feeding, and nursing, and looking after them.

Greenhouse Worker: Grow and support plants in a controlled growing environment, that is, nurseries, and are equipped with greenhouse facilities.

Horticulturist: Promotes and sustains all kinds of grown ornamental plants, flowers, and trees.

Farm Equipment Operator: Executes all the tasks related to tractors, harvesters, and other machinery, including their operation and maintenance when needed for farm functions.

Farm Supervisor: We trust him most in planning the tasks, management of the staff, and the yield of all the projects.

Farm Mechanic: Replaces worn-out parts, tightens loose bolts, and monitors the equipment’s condition to ensure reliable performance.

Poultry Keeper: Manages poultry farms specializing in egg issuance, brief chicken production, and turkey breeding.

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How to Apply For Farm Jobs in Finland?

There are various positions when it comes to farm jobs in Finland. The best part is that the working environment is supportive and inclusive. Individuals through their positive participation, can not only contribute to Finnish agriculture but also enjoy the beauty of the countryside of Finland. The chance to be an experienced farm worker, to have a brand new career in agriculture, or to merely enter a picturesque country of Europe, these positions give you a memorable and rewarding experience. Take the first step and come to the land of Finnish farmers and begin your way to its betterment and learn about the culture of the place.

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