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Healthcare Assistant Jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Healthcare Assistant Jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship 2024

In the last couple of years, Ireland has developed a reputation among medical and healthcare professionals who want to work in a demanding environment and grow in their careers. In this respect, the rising healthcare industry has become a backbone

Ireland has taken special consideration for quality patient care which has made the demand for such equipped healthcare assistants rise. Immigrants seeking to explore this gratifying pathway and live in this country can find plenty of options to work as a healthcare assistant.

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Job Details

  • Job Title: Healthcare Assistant
  • Education: Completion of a healthcare assistant training program is preferred.
  • Experience: Previous experience in a healthcare setting is advantageous.
  • Certification: CPR and First Aid certification required.

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  • Education: Although formal education does not necessarily bear opportunity, successful completion of health care assistant training can lead to a better chance of employment.
  • Experience: Previous experience in a healthcare facility, no matter if it was voluntarily, greatly helps to succeed in the nursing field.
  • Certification: To achieve certifications in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is normally a vital medical requirement.
  • Skills: Teamwork, patient-centered attitude, demeanor, and empathy-driven are essential components of a health care assistant.
  • Visa Requirements: Visa issues may be a tough one for international students and become hindrances, thus they need to get this thing straight before choosing the institution.


  • Job Security: In a rapidly growing market, security in healthcare jobs depends on several factors responsible for their high demand.
  • Career Progression: There are opportunities for healthcare assistants to get better-paying, more specialized roles like caring for the elderly, working in mental health, or helping people with a disability.
  • Rewarding Work: The meaning my job has is to provide care and support to patients and I unexpectedly find it very fulfilling.
  • Training Opportunities: Many organizational designs provide training and development facilities to equip individuals with new skills and knowledge.


  • Supporting the patient with personal caring duties including taking a bath, changing clothes, and using the toilet.
  • Recording patient vital signs and keeping track of any shifts to notify the nursing team
  • Offer emotional support and let them listen to what people say.
  • The continuity of care through services such as meal preparation and feeding for those who need help with it.


Healthcare assistant salaries can differ in Ireland because of aspects such as experience, the facility where they work, and the location among other things. On average, healthcare assistants can normally get from € 25000 to € 30000 per year. Whereas the salaries may be higher in some locations or for those who have an expert skill or a degree, they can still be low.

Types of Jobs

Elderly Care Assistant: Administration of care and support for aged individuals in a place such as the elderly in either the community or residential care.

Hospital Healthcare Assistant: Advising nurses and medical workers providing direct patient needs and support to them in hospitals with daily care tasks and other duties.

Home Care Assistant: Offering treatment and assistance to the people in their homes, the tasks can include personal care, housework, and also, companionship.

Mental Health Support Worker: Understanding and participating with different people who hail from mental health problems living in homes or communities encouraging them emotionally and helping with daily tasks like cleaning and so on.

Disability Support Worker: Provide residential care homes, day center facilities as well as supported living services for people who are with physical or intellectual disabilities

Palliative Care Assistant: Offering care and support to people facing situations where he or she or will likely die, doing everything one can., though the intention is not to cure or extend life, but to maximize the quality of overall life.

Community Healthcare Assistant: To put programs in place and engage with the community to ensure that they receive care and support services including those with chronic illnesses or disabilities, elderly individuals, and other members of the community who may need assistance and extra care.

Respite Care Assistant: The provision of time-limited services wherein the needs of the cared for are addressed and family caregiver disbursement is facilitated.

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How to Apply For Healthcare Assistant Jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship?

Career positions in healthcare assistants in Ireland provide a wide-ranging range of options for individuals who have a burning desire to change other people’s lives. More and more overseas candidates now can launch their careers in the lucrative Irish healthcare, as proven by visa sponsor programs provided. Community-based, residential, or hospital-based, healthcare assistants render invaluable services in the delivery of care to clients whenever the need arises. Healthcare assistants must provide the much-needed support and care.

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