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Highways Delivery Manager Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Highways Delivery Manager Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Motorway Delivery Managers play a vital role in overseeing the planning, implementation, and maintenance of dual-carriageway infrastructure initiatives in the UK. This role requires a combination of technical knowledge, project management competencies, and leadership skills.

For international applicants looking for opportunities in this field, visa sponsorship is usually a key factor. This weblog explores the job requirements, benefits, responsibilities, income expectations, different types of jobs, and the way software for UK highway transport manager positions.

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Job Details

  • Job Title: Highways Delivery Manager
  • Location: Various locations across the UK
  • Visa Sponsorship: Available for eligible candidates
  • Job Type: Full-time, Permanent
  • Salary: Competitive, commensurate with experience

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Job Requirements

  • Education Background: A bachelor’s degree in construction, construction management, or a related subject is usually required. A master’s degree may be preferred for leadership positions.
  • Experience: Candidates must have extensive highway construction and task management experience. Previous enjoyment of a managerial or supervisory role is often essential.
  • Skills: Strong leadership, conversation, and negotiation skills are vital. Knowledge of highway engineering standards, rate management, and fitness and safety regulations is also important.
  • Certifications: Professional certifications such as Chartered Engineer or Project Management Professional (PMP) status can be fantastic.
  • Commercial Awareness: Understanding of budget control, fee manipulation, and procurement methods within the context of highway initiatives.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: Familiarity with UK highways legislation, environmental policies, and health and protection standards relevant to construction and maintenance activities.
  • Client Relationship Management: Experience in coping with patron relationships, expertise their necessities, and making sure venture deliverables meet expectations.


Highway Delivery Supervisor positions regularly offer attractive benefits such as:

  • Career progression: Opportunities for professional development into higher management roles with the employer.
  • Training and Development: Access to continuous professional development and training packages to enhance skills and knowledge.
  • Work-Life Balance: Flexible hours of operation and remote imaging options may be available to sell healthy image-life stability.
  • Job Satisfaction: Contributing to the development and development of essential infrastructure like highways can provide a sense of feat and job pleasure.
  • Networking Opportunities: Highways Delivery Managers regularly work with a wide variety of stakeholders, inclusive of authority corporations, contractors, engineers, and nearby communities, enhancing their professional community.
  • Contribution to Sustainability: In roles like environmental compliance control or asset control, Highways Delivery Managers may also make contributions to sustainable practices and projects, creating a fantastic impact on communities and the surroundings.


Duties of a highway delivery manager may include:

  • Project Planning: Developing business plans, schedules, and budgets for highway manufacturing initiatives.
  • Quality Assurance: Exceptional monitoring and adherence to regulatory requirements and specifications.
  • Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating project hazards to ensure you hit mission transport.
  • Budget Control: Managing business budgets and economic forecasts to ensure tasks are implemented within economic constraints.

Salary expectations

The income of UK highway delivery managers varies according to pleasure, location, and the organization using it. As of 2024, the traditional income grades are as follows:

Higher end: £60,000-£70,000 depending on the season

Types of Jobs

Project Manager – Highway Construction: Responsible for overseeing the planning, execution, and final touch of highway construction tasks.

Highways Maintenance Manager: Manages the protection and repair of existing highway infrastructure and ensures compliance with safety and exceptional requirements.

 Traffic Management Specialist: Focuses on creating plans and imposing traffic management strategies at a certain stage of highway construction and conservation projects.

Environmental Compliance Manager: Ensures highway projects comply with environmental regulations and dreams of sustainability.

Contract Manager – Highways: Manages contracts associated with toll road projects, including contract management, negotiation, and settlement.

Health and Safety Manager – Motorways: Ensures fit and safety standards are met on motorway construction sites, minimizing risks to staff and the public.

Quality Assurance Manager – Highways: Monitors and ensures a large number of materials, manufacturing approaches, and finished highway initiatives.

Design Manager – Highways: Leads the layout segment of toll road tasks, participating in the development of detailed plans and specifications with engineers and architects.

Asset Manager – Highways: Manages the lifecycle of highway assets along with planning for upgrades, maintenance, and long-term refurbishment.

Operations Manager – Highways: Oversees day-to-day highway operations, including visitor control, emergency response, and maintenance planning.

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Job Application Process

To practice working as a UK Highway Transport Manager:

Research: Identify agencies and consultancies focused on dual-lane infrastructure projects.

Resume Preparation: Edit your resume to highlight relevant hobbies, qualifications, and accomplishments.

Applications: Submit applications via company websites or process portals, making sure to include an impressive cover letter.

Interview: Prepare for interviews that may include technical checks and primarily competency-based questions.

Visa Sponsorship: Discuss visa sponsorship requirements for the duration of the interview system if possible.

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