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Packer Jobs in Singapore with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Packer Jobs in Singapore with Visa Sponsorship 2024

As a Packer, you’ll be able to connect with our exciting team in Singapore! We are seeking energetic and persuading individuals to assist us run our commerce. This work contains an energetic and fast-paced work environment, and qualified candidates may be able to induce work grants or visa sponsorships.

Packers are laborers who get ready-wrapped-up items for bundling and shipment. They do so by checking that the things they have to be packed are shown some time recently, wrapping them safely concurring to company measures or necessities, and at that point stacking up the goods on beds prepared for shipping.

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A Packer, or Picker Packer, could be a distribution center representative capable of fulfilling orders by organizing stock in shipping holders and planning them for shipment. Their obligations incorporate translating arranged solicitations to decide which items ought to be sent out, performing quality control evaluations, and stacking things securely and safely within the right packaging.

Details of Packer Jobs in Singapore with Visa Sponsorship

Job Packer
EducationHigh School Diploma
Experience2-3 Years
Visa SponsorshipYes

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Packer Abilities and Qualifications

An appropriate Packer has to have the following abilities and capabilities in arrange to be qualified for the role:

  • In-depth information on pressing and shipping procedures
  • Ability to function in shipping vehicles
  • Good information on essential number juggling: expansion, subtraction, division, and multiplication
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-stress environment for long hours
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent consideration of detail
  • Good communication skills
  • Proven work involvement as a Packer or comparable role
  • Experience in manufacturing or related fields is preferred
  • Basic shop aptitudes, such as utilizing hand tools
  • Ability to take after verbal and composed instructions
  • Strong communication abilities and want to work with other group members
  • High school confirmation or comparable preferred
  • No information is required to pack; you may learn how to do it on the job.
  • You have to be physically fit and able to stand for long periods.
  • focused on points of interest and accuracy.
  • You have to be able to communicate clearly and work well with others.

Packer Obligations and Responsibilities

A Packer will have the taking after obligations and duties at their out-of-work:

  • Weighing bundles and labeling them appropriately
  • Inspecting bundles to guarantee they are not damaged
  • Inspecting shipping holders to guarantee they meet shipping regulations
  • Assembling day-by-day orders by shipping area or any other shipping categories
  • Keeping records of bundles counting conveyance notes, solicitations, etc.
  • Filling out pressing and arranging shapes with the important shipping information
  • Sealing shipping containers and labeling them appropriately
  • Cleaning shipping holders and other shipping supplies
  • Pack, weigh and name completed things for shipment or storage
  • Follow all company rules concerning bundling to guarantee things arrive at their destination
  • Identify and dispose of inadequate things sometimes recently they are transported to customers
  • Properly utilize bundling materials, counting hand devices, pastes, nails, cushioning, etc
  • Keep total records of all materials that go through the warehouse
  • Packers work rapidly and proficiently to meet generation objectives, dates, and client due dates. They make the bundling handle more effective, cut down on squandering, and offer assistance to boost production.
  • Packers work beside their colleagues, bosses, and individuals from other zones to arrange and facilitate the bundling handle, fathom issues, and keep the stream of work smooth. To be effective as a packer, you wish to be able to communicate clearly and work well with others.
  • Packers make beyond any doubt that the places where they pack things are clean, well-organized, and secure. They might do regular upkeep on the pressing gear and let the maintenance staff know approximately any issues or repairs that have to be done.
  • When pressing, labeling, taking care of, and shipping goods, packers take after the rules set by controllers and the trade. This incorporates taking after the rules for outside shipments through customs.
  • Packers keep precise records and paperwork about the things they do, like shipping names, conveyance receipts, quality review reports, and press lists.


  • Entry-Level Occupations: Packer occupations are regularly entry-level employment, so individuals who don’t have a lot of work involvement or certain abilities can still apply. This makes them a great choice for understudies, individuals who are unused to the work advertised, or individuals who want to alter careers.
  • Improvement of Aptitudes: Being a packer gives you the chance to make strides in skills that are valuable in coordination, warehousing, and generation. Skills like how to bundle things, check the quality, keep track of stock, take after security rules, and utilize pressing instruments are a few examples.
  • Training on the Work: A parcel of companies grants modern packers preparation and introduction to the work, where they can learn approximately company rules, forms, and industry guidelines. This preparation can assist you to do your superior work and deliver you the chance to move up in your company.
  • Competitive Pay: Packer employments, indeed even though they are entry-level, as a rule, pay well and come with advantages like well-being protections, paid time off, and the chance to work extra hours or get rewards amid active times.
  • Stable Employments: E-commerce, retail, and manufacturing are all businesses that depend on shipping and bundling. These areas ordinarily have steady work-conceivable outcomes. If a company is developing and extending,  working as a packer can offer work security and long-term work opportunities.
  • Flexibility: A few packer employments offer open hours or shifts, so individuals can adjust work with other commitments or go to school at the same time.
  • Packers can work in numerous diverse areas, counting nourishment and drink, customer products, gadgets, medications, and more. This assortment lets individuals encounter different merchandise, strategies, and work settings.
  • Teamwork: Packers frequently work with colleagues, bosses, and individuals from other ranges to create beyond doubt that the bundling preparation runs easily. Working environment friendships, speaking aptitudes, and the capacity to illuminate issues are all made strides by working together.
  • Physical Action: Packers regularly have to do things like move, lift, and organize bundles that require them to be physically fit. Individuals who like to be dynamic and do things by hand may discover these occupations satisfying and interesting.
  • Potential for Career Development: Individuals who begin out as packers can work their way up to supervisory or group pioneer positions, or they can specialize in certain ranges of coordination and pressing with more preparation and involvement.

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