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Pasta Maker Jobs in Bahrain with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Pasta Maker Jobs in Bahrain with Visa Sponsorship 2024

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A Pasta Creator makes fresh batches of pasta every day to be sold within the market and served in eateries at an Eataly area. A Pasta Creator is additionally included in teaching visitors about Eataly’s different pastas and providing customer benefits. Practically reports to the New Pasta Lead.

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Details of Pasta Maker Jobs in Bahrain with Visa Sponsorship

JobPasta Maker
Experience2-4 Years
Visa SponsorshipYes

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  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds;
  • Ability to function hardware such as a commercial blender and pasta machine;
  • High school recognition or proportionate or culinary degree preferred;
  • 1+ year of involvement as a cook or chef preferred;
  • Ability to apply well-paced portability for up to 8 hours, counting standing, strolling, twisting and squatting;
  • Knowledge of Italian cooking preferred;
  • Availability to work onsite with an adaptable plan regularly counting weekends.
  • High school confirmation or identical or culinary degree preferred
  • Knowledge of Italian cooking preferred
  • Availability to work onsite with an adaptable plan frequently counting ends of the week
  • Ability to lift to 50 pounds
  • Ability to apply well-paced portability for up to 8 hours, counting standing, strolling, twisting, and squatting
  • Ability to function hardware such as a commercial blender and pasta machine
  • The pay rate for this position is $16.50-$23.00/ hour


  • Maintaining par-levels;
  • Responsible for making distinctive pasta agreeing to Maialino Female horse formulas and standards;
  • Consistently checks the pasta items and alters strategies to realize tall quality pasta;
  • Maintains a clean and sterile nourishment generation area.
  • Makes pasta concurring with Eataly’s formulas and high-quality standards
  • Weighs and bundles pasta
  • Advises visitors on pasta choices
  • Ensures all things are pivoted agreeing to To begin with In, To begin with Out (FIFO) standards
  • Maintains a clean and sterile work region that meets Office of Wellbeing standards
  • Performs other obligations as required or assigned


  • Availability of Occupations: Numerous segments and businesses exceedingly esteem the security protection calling, giving a riches of business openings for those who aim to enter this field.
  • Entrance-Level Prospects: An impressive number of security watch positions are required as were a minimum level of instruction or earlier encounter, rendering them available to people who are setting out on their proficient careers or making the move to a distinctive field.
  • Adaptable Timetables: Regularly, security officer positions give for adaptable planning, including overnight, evening, end of the week, and part-time turns. Workers can accommodate work with other commitments, such as school, family, or a moment of work, due to this flexibility.
  • Maintaining Work Steadiness: Security administrations proceed to be in tall request, giving security officers steady work openings. Security administrations are vital for the upkeep of security and security in different businesses, including commercial properties, private complexes, retail stores, healthcare offices, instructive teaching, and occasion venues.
  • Skill Enhancement: Openings flourish for the improvement of profitable competencies in security protection positions, counting communication, collaboration, strife determination, crisis reaction, and perception and reconnaissance. We moreover taught workers about the appropriate operation of security frameworks and equipment.
  • Physical Exercise: The physical obligations of security guards frequently incorporate watching property, checking observation cameras, performing security checks, and reacting to occurrences. Security protection positions offer the chance for people who favor physically applying themselves to stay locked in and physically fit.
  • The intention of Purpose: Security officers fundamentally secure individuals, property, and resources against potential perils such as vandalism, burglary, trespassing, and savagery. For those possessing this position, this sense of responsibility and commitment to open assurance can be gratifying.
  • Promotion of Organizing Openings: Security watches engage in intelligence with a differing cluster of individuals, comprising clients, guests, colleagues, and the law enforcement workforce. Building up associations and developing connections inside the security segment may result in future work prospects, career movement, and proficient affiliations.
  • Professional Improvement: Even though entry-level positions are common within the security officer industry, those who show steadfastness, polished skill, and a persevering work ethic may be considered for advancement openings. Movement to supervisory, administrative, or specialized security positions is conceivable with the securing of advanced instruction and down-to-earth experience.
  • The Impact on the Community: Security watches help organizations, communities, and ventures in building up secure and secure situations. Their presence serves to dishearten illegal conduct, reinforce open security, and instill certainty among occupants, staff, and guests.

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How to Apply for this Employment in Bahrain?

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