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Hotel Jobs in Switzerland For Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Hotel Jobs in Switzerland For Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Owing to Switzerland’s tall compensations and moo charges, numerous outsiders are pulled in to work there. Interests, numerous noticeable companies are advertising great work positions for numerous. In any case, getting a visa application can be challenging and complicated for those worldwide migrants who wish to move to an outside country.

If you’re still longing for relocation and work, you should ensure that you simply have a substantial work visa if you’re a non-native in Switzerland. Your domestic nation and your craving for the work position may have a list of the prerequisite series.

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Hotels offer a wide assortment of work alternatives, most without a four-year degree. Working at a lodging permits you to meet curious individuals and appreciate industry perks such as regalia and staff dinners. As an inn staff part, you’ll use your work involvement to move into a senior or administration position. In this article, we are going to portray the foremost common lodging employment and reply to a few habitually inquired questions about lodging employment.

The neighborliness industry is one of the fastest developing and most challenging businesses in the world. It’s moreover related to a famously high turnover rate. From servers and chefs to housekeepers and concierges, incredible neighborliness talent’s out there. But, how do you get them to apply for work with you?

Details of Hotel Jobs in Switzerland

Job Hotel Jobs
EducationHigh School Diploma
Experience1-2 Years
Visa SponsorshipYes

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Types of Hotel Jobs

What are the positions in the industry businesses you just got to know?

In this direct we’ve broken down the distinctive inn positions and work depictions into the taking after categories:

  • Hotel administration
  • Guest-facing positions
  • Housekeeping
  • Hotel promoting
  • Hotel nourishment and beverage

The parts in lodging that might, to begin with, come to mind are the front desk positions, as these group individuals are regularly the primary faces that unused visitors will see when they arrive.

Front office positions in inns can extend from supervisors to receptionists. Notwithstanding status, these are all client-confronting positions and require amazing individual skills.

Common lodging staff jobs

Here are the foremost common inn staff jobs:

Front of the house

Front-of-the-house staff work specifically with lodging visitors and serve as the confront of a lodging. These staff individuals handle everyday operational obligations for the lodging, including making reservations, checking visitors in and out, and taking care of visitor questions. Most front-of-the-house workers work shifts, sometimes overnight, to guarantee that a staff part is continuously accessible to guests.

A front work area receptionist checks visitors in and out of a lodging. They moreover reply to phone calls, dole out visitor rooms, hand out room keys, collect installments, and give visitors data almost nearby amenities.

Front work area clerks are as a rule hourly workers, and pay can change depending on their long time of encounter and lodging location.

Other front of the house employments include:

  • Concierge
  • Front work area supervisor
  • Front of the house manager
  • Reservations Agent

Support Staff

Large inns or inns in urban ranges frequently have broad bolster staff input to care for visitors. Inn bolster staff are in charge of making a difference to visitors with their gear and vehicles. They may moreover drive inn transports and offer assistance to visitors discovering nearby amenities.

A watchman moves gear between visitor rooms and the inn campaign, welcomes visitors, keeps up campaign cleanliness, and answers common questions. A porter’s compensation shifts depending on the estimate and area of the hotel.

Other back staff occupations include:

  • Bellhop
  • Bellman
  • Parking part attendant
  • Valet
  • Driver
  • Baggage porter


Hotel housekeeping staff are dependable for keeping the inn clean and secure for visitors. Support specialists perform routine upkeep on the inn HVAC frameworks, lighting, and plumbing. They may also perform minor repairs on floors, rooftops, dividers, and doors.

A servant, or servant, is in charge of all standard cleaning obligations within the inn. They alter bed cloths, make beds, clean washrooms, expel the rubbish, clean floors, restock individual care conveniences, and sanitize open ranges. Maids too recharge in-room mini-bars and coffee bars. A housekeeper’s compensation may combine their hourly wage and client tips.

Other occupations in housekeeping include:

  • Maintenance worker
  • Maintenance manager
  • Housekeeping aide
  • Lead housekeeper
  • Director of housekeeping


Food service staff work in the inn bar, cafe, and eatery zones of an inn. These lodging representatives allow visitors to tables, take nourishment orders, serve nourishment, handle installments, and clear tables. They may also provide nourishment as a portion of the hotel’s room service.

Also known as servers, a server or server is in consistent contact with inn eatery clients and must give great client benefit. Server obligations incorporate welcoming clients, taking nourishment orders, illuminating benefactors of specials, communicating special requests to the kitchen, serving dinners, clearing tables, and taking client installments. Waitstaff can work portion time or full time, and their compensation could be a combination of their hourly rate and the tips cleared out by customers.

Other inn nourishment benefit occupations include:

  • Barista
  • Bartender
  • Busser
  • Host/hostess
  • Sommelier

Hotel kitchen

Many large hotels have a kitchen on-site staffed by a group of chefs and supervisors. The inn kitchen staff plans room benefit dinners and nourishment for uncommon occasions. They are also in charge of cleaning dishes utilized by customers.

An official chef is in charge of all nourishment operations in an inn kitchen. Official chefs oversee kitchen staff, arrange fixings, arrange menus, and get ready nourishment. Official chefs have a long time of encounter in a proficient kitchen, regularly working their way up from entry-level occupations such as line cooks. The compensation of an official chef can shift significantly depending on the area and estimate of the hotel.

Other in kitchen employments include:

  • Pastry chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Cook/line cook
  • Cafe manager
  • Dishwasher
  • Catering manager
  • Kitchen manager
  • Restaurant director

Occasion planning

Hotel workers who work on occasion arrange to organize expansive occasions in inn dance floors or conference rooms. Numerous inns are domestic to corporate gatherings, parties, and weddings.

An occasion organizer organizes occasions that take put in a hotel’s leased spaces. They arrange each viewpoint of uncommon social occasions, counting budget administration, booking occasion space, organizing visitor transportation and lodging, setting up nourishment administrations, and organizing merchants. The compensation of an occasion organizer changes depending on their encounter and lodging location.

Other occasion-arranging occupations include:

  • Wedding coordinator
  • Meeting planner
  • Meeting specialist
  • Events manager
  • Executive assembly manager
  • Executive conference manager
  • Convention planner

Hotel administration

To run easily, most lodgings require a group of workers working in authoritative parts. Inn organization staff bargain with all staff things, oversee lodging stock, create showcasing plans, and resolve visitor issues.

A lodging chief gives high-level client benefits and supervises all operations. They contract and fire staff, prepare representatives, make work plans, actualize lodging approaches, and communicate with the inn proprietors. Inn supervisors too work closely with exterior merchants. An inn manager’s compensation changes depending on their long time of involvement as well as the lodging measure and location.

Other employments in lodging organization include:

  • Director of Lodging Sales
  • Shift leader
  • Sales/marketing manager
  • Group deals manager
  • Wedding deals manager
  • Spa manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Accounts manager

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How to Apply?

There are numerous different types of employment within the inn industry and numerous distinctive ways to induce them. Bigger lodgings may publicize specifically on their websites whereas others may post on work sites.

It’s worth taking a little time to set up work cautions on neighborliness worksheets but make beyond any doubt that you simply limit it down to particular look criteria. In case you’re seeking out management job positions, you don’t need to be immersed with postings for passage-level neighborliness jobs!

Another road worth considering is enlistment companies that practice neighborliness. Whether you’re trying to find you’re exceptional, to begin with, work in inns, or are an experienced Official Chef.

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